Nancy Drew and Ace's Curse Looms Large in Final Season: 'It's Been a Great Experience Crafting That Love Story'

As Nancy Drew heads into its final season of mysteries on The CW, fans eagerly await a resolution to the show’s most important mystery: Will Nancy and Ace ever break their curse and be together?

That very question is directly addressed in Wednesday’s premiere (8/7c), as Nancy attempts to convince her friends and family that she isn’t completely falling to pieces under the crushing weight of this secret she’s keeping.

“It’s quite an up-and-down journey for them this season, so buckle up,” Kennedy McMann tells TVLine of Nancy and Ace. “They’re both so passionate, and they both care so deeply for each other. That will never be lost, which I really appreciate. Even through all the ups and downs of the journey that’s ahead for them, they never forget that each other and each other’s well-being is at the top of each other’s priority list. It’s an emotional ride — a spooky, emotional ride.”

And the pair’s barometer-breaking chemistry isn’t merely felt by the fans. McMann says that she and Alex Saxon are both aware and grateful for the magic they’re able to make on screen.

“You definitely feel it,” McMann says. “Alex and I have been very fortunate in that we’ve always been very synergistic actors. Our processes are very similar, and we’ve always just been on a similar wavelength, which makes it really easy to be vulnerable with each other. So, yeah, you definitely feel it. I think everybody in the room feels it. It’s been a really special experience as an actor to have that sort of other actor relationship with someone.”

Looking back on the fandom that #Nace has cultivated over the years, McMann says, “I think we’ve done the best we can to really sell their relationship and explore it and be particular with it. We’ve worked with the writers to make sure everybody’s on the same page and that everything is reading as true as it possibly can. I’m so grateful to our writers room for being collaborative with me and Alex. It’s been a really great experience crafting that love story.”

Are you pulling for Nancy and Ace in the final season? What are your hopes for the other residents of Horseshoe Bay? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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