Netflix's Emily in Paris leaves French critics FUMING with 'insulting and stereotypical' take on country

NETFLIX's Emily in Paris has left French critics furious with the show's 'insulting and stereotypical' take on their capital city.

The cliched look at the show might have become a fun watch for some, but those from the city aren’t happy with its on-screen portrayal.

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Emily (Lily Collins), a marketing expert, arrives in Paris from the States to start a new job and soon feels the wrath of her arrogant boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and co-worker Julien (Samuel Arnold). 

Along with her best mate Mindy (Ashley Park), she explores both the fashion and dating worlds and meets some very unpleasant men, including one who didn't shower after sleeping with Emily because he "didn’t want to wash her off just yet."

The show seems to have left a bad taste in the mouth of those who live in the city and blasted the program's interpretation of them.

French publication MadmoiZelle reported: "It reduces the capital’s inhabitants to vile snobs sporting Birkin handbags who light up a cigarette the minute they’re out of the gym.

"Three episodes might have been amusing. Unfortunately, there are 10!"

French magazine 20 Minutes added: "The berets. The croissants. The baguettes. The hostile waiters. The irascible concierges. The inveterate philanderers. The lovers and the mistresses.

"Name a cliche about France and the French, you’ll find it in Emily in Paris.

A less than impressed Charles Martin from Première, added: "The French are all mean and all lazy and never arrive at the office before late morning; and that they are incorrigible flirts with no concept of being faithful.

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"[They’re] sexist, backward and, of course, have at best a fitful relationship with their showers … Frankly, watching Emily in Paris there’s plenty to feel insulted about.

"When they decided to caricature us, the authors didn’t hold back."

Fans were also very critical, as one wrote: "10 minutes in Emily in Paris and I… can’t. The main character is so obnoxious, so unlikeable and don’t even get me started on the whole culture deafness."

While another viewer added: "I wanted to like Emily in Paris I really did but I can’t get over the hideous fashion and overly obnoxious American sense of entitlement she’s giving off."

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