Netflix's New Teen Treasure Hunt Drama Outer Banks Is Here! Meet Hunky Star Chase Stokes

“We really wanted to make that friendship dynamic real, so we got a place, and every weekend everybody would come over,” he says of cast members including Madison Bailey, Madelynn Cline and Jonathan Daviss. “We’d play video games, board games, we’d sing, dance, it was a riot. It really felt like an adult version of a YMCA camp, where you’re having slumber parties. Even now back in L.A., we’re all staying together, quarantining together. There’s this true honesty to the friendship you see onscreen that is equally present offscreen as well.”

Although Stokes is eager for people to start watching the show so he talk about some of those aforementioned plot twists and turns without spoiling anything, for now he is making the most of his time in quarantine by keeping anxieties at bay.

“I’m hanging in there,” he says. “I’m doing a lot of self-reflection and meditation, so stillness, being present with my own consciousness. I deal with anxiety myself, so this has been a great time to hone in on that anxiety and find out where it’s coming from, what it’s created from and learning how to cope with it and move forward in life.”

He adds: “I think this is a good time for people to use this for self-reflection and be present with themselves.”

Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.

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