New Doctor Who horror adventure sees Jodie Whittaker face off against terrifying flesh monster – The Sun

DOCTOR Who fans can expect more of the terrifying, spine-tingling same as the character returns to tackle a new flesh-eating monster.

Former show writer Steven Moffat has whet appetites for Jodie Whittaker's third season as the Time Lord with a very gruesome plot, termed The Terror Of The Umpty Ums.

Despite the creatures horror looks, it seems Jodie's character found its arrival somewhat amusing.

He told Entertainment Weekly of the latest plot for the iconic BBC series: "The reeking flesh mass was silent for a moment before twisting and stretching its upper, frontal skin lumps into a new configuration.

"Karpagnon’s visual circuits processed and pattern-matched the configuration within two nano-seconds: apparently the human was smiling.

"Karpagnon considered for a moment and elected not to retaliate.”

Meanwhile, the show will be hoping to fare a little better in the ratings when it eventually returns back to screen.

Figures show season 12 clocked up the lowest ratings since the 2005 Christopher Eccleston re-boot.

Doctor Who bosses have also been quick to explain fan concern from Jodie's first ever episode.

Chris Chibnall has given fans an in-depth explanation about one of the show's more confusing story-lines.

The show-runner has written a short story explaining the moment Jodie Whittaker literally crashed onto screens in her debut episode.

Titled Things She Thought While Falling, the monologue details how The Doctor survived a fall out of the sky onto a moving train – an impact that should have killed her.

It turns out the Time Lord landing was strategic to mitigate as much damage as possible.

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