Original Gladiator Wolf admits he lost touch with former co-stars

Gladiators star Wolf on why the last attempt to reboot show failed

Gladiators originally aired on ITV and the last episode aired more than 20 years ago.

Wolf, or Michael Van Wijk, took part in all eight seasons between 1992 and 1999.

Now 70 years old, the actor had been missing from TV screens for nine years after leaving the show.

Then in 2008 he told Loaded magazine: “I want to come back, I want to be a Gladiator again.”

He had disappeared from the world of showbiz after moving to New Zealand, where he still resides, to open a chain of gyms.

He became known as a regular on the Kiwi Cage Fighting scene and used to compete nationally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championships.

The star returned to TV when he took part in the Gladiators Legends series, alongside some of his former co-stars.

He admitted he had not kept in touch with any of the other stars after the original series ended.

However, following the Legends series, they all made a vow to stay connected.

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On his acting career, he told The Independent back in 2008: “If the odd job comes along that I like, I’ll do it.

“When I get back I’m playing a chef-with-attitude in New Zealand’s equivalent of Coronation Street.

“I’ve always wanted to play Doctor Who, obviously one with more muscle and aggression.”

At the end of 2022, Wolf appeared on Good Morning Britain alongside his son Dean, who was keen to be cast in the Gladiators reboot.

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Speaking to the GMB hosts he said of the reboot: “To be honest I could do all the games comfortably.

“I would also like to be like you guys and be a co-presenter as well.”

The father-of-four claimed he could beat his son, should they ever compete against one another.

He added: “We train at different gyms but we are very very competitive.”

Gladiators will air on the BBC later this year

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