Our Yorkshire Farm: How old are Amanda and Clive’s 9 children?

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Season four of Our Yorkshire Farm started last month on Channel 5, once again following the lives of the Owen family. Shepherdess Amanda Owen and her husband Clive have been living at Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, for more than 20 years and during this time, their family has grown and now have nine children. So along with taking care of the animals on the land, the couple has their own flock to attend to.

How old are Amanda and Clive’s 9 children? 

Both Amanda and Clive spent their childhoods in the great outdoors and they intend for their children to be brought up in the same manner.

The pair got married in 2000 and have gone on to have a whopping nine children together.

While they do all go to school, they are not permitted to have phones and do not own a TV.

Instead, they are expected to work outside with their parents, no matter the weather.

From youngest to oldest, the Owens children are Nancy, three, Clemmy, five, Annas, six, Sydney, eight, Violet, nine, Edith, 11, Miles,14, Reuben, 16, and Raven, 18.

There is a 15-year age gap between Nancy, the youngest child, and Raven, who is now an adult.

The children aren’t the only ones either to have a major age gap between them.

While Clive is 66, his wife Amanda is 21 years his junior at 45-years-old.

Speaking to the tourist website Welcome To Yorkshire, Amanda explained how a job led her to meet Clive who would become the love of her life and father of nine children.

She said: 2It was down in Wiltshire, so off I headed with a Border collie and a lot of enthusiasm for the opportunity ahead.

“A stint at a farm in Cumbria followed and is how I met Clive.

“It wasn’t the most romantic of starts, I went to borrow a tup (male sheep).

“I’d travelled from the place I was working at over in the Lake District to Ravenseat, Clive’s Yorkshire farm (now my home), all very businesslike.

“That was back in 1995 when I was 21, we were just friends to start with, but things developed, as they do, and we got married in 2000.”

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The Owens have been living at Ravenseat Farm now for more than two decades.

They have been tenants, taking care of the land on behalf of billionaire Robert Miller who is the co-founder of DFS (Duty Free Shops).

But during the start of series four, the couple had some exciting news to share with fans.

They have bitten the bullet and have bought their own farmhouse with acres of land.

Talking about their new property on the Channel 5 show, Amanda said: “When the opportunity came up and I saw that ‘for sale’ sign go up, it was like a no-brainer.

“The opportunity to get that doesn’t come up that often.

“I needed to buy it because it’s security, for us and for the children.”

“The opportunity to get that doesn’t come up that often.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on Channel 5.

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