'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby's Latest Sponsored Post Divides Fans

A girl’s gotta eat, but not all OutDaughtered fans are impressed by Danielle Busby’s latest meal choice. The TLC star recently shared a sponsored post on her Instagram promoting frozen meals, and some critics lashed out, taking aim at her for using her social media to make money and slamming her for endorsing “unhealthy” foods. But others were in Busby’s camp, saying there was nothing wrong with her getting paid to advertise certain products. 

Danielle Busby endorses Lean Cuisine 

In her August 2 Instagram post, Busby promoted Lean Cuisine frozen meals. The Busby family’s house has been in chaos lately as they renovate their kitchen, which means they’ve had to figure out creative ways to get food on the table. One strategy the mom of six has embraced has been quick, heat-and-serve meals. 

“These days all our meals are made outside in our temporary kitchen since we are remodeling the kitchen indoors,” she shared. “For our current meals, we like to stick to quick and easy options that are still delicious.”

The reality star went on to praise Lean Cuisine’s “nutritious microwavable meals” and called out the brand’s new, larger serving sizes. 

Not everyone loved seeing Busby’s ad

Busby’s sponsored post didn’t go over well with all her 1.7 million followers. “Love your family, but the product endorsements seem a little ingenuine,” one critic wrote. That person went on to explain they were disappointed to see Busby’s Instagram shift from more personal content to posts that were “promoting consumerism” adding, “I blame the companies for this, not the celebrities themselves.” 

“That’s what’s sad about today’s society,” another commented. “It’s all about money and making it anyway you can.”

Others wondered about the nutritional content of the frozen meals. “I didn’t think those were healthy for you!” one person wrote. “Don’t they have a lot of sodium and carbs?? I would be really surprised if you actually ate them!” 

Others see nothing wrong with Busby’s post

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While a handful of followers had a negative reaction to Busby’s post, others said there was nothing wrong with her seizing an opportunity to make some money, especially considering how large her family is. 

“Don’t be judgemental. If you had 6 kids, you would take every financial opportunity that came your way,” one supporter commented. 

“She has 6 kids to put through school and needs to make money any way she can,” another wrote. 

This isn’t the first time people have been annoyed by Busby’s sponsored posts 

The ad for Lean Cuisine isn’t the first time Busby’s followers have had a lukewarm reaction to one of her sponsored posts. In October 2019, she promoted Red Baron frozen pizza on her Instagram. In that case, she received some negative comments from followers who said she was using her kids to make money. But as with her latest post, Busby had plenty of defenders who pointed out that a family of nine had to do what they could to pay the bills. 

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