Ozark fans convinced assassination of Wendy’s brother was staged after spotting season 4 funeral clue – The Sun

OZARK fans are convinces the Byrde family are involved in a death hoax of game-changing proportions.

Season 3 of the popular Netflix thriller dropped earlier this year and the fanbase wasted no time dissecting each and every interaction from the new episodes.

Predicting what will unfold in an unconfirmed season 4, one area of fierce debate involved Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) taking out a hit on her own brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey).

Her motives revolved around the family’s partnership with drug lord Navarro, which she felt Ben jeopardised, but her ruthlessness left many viewers aghast.

Now a popular new theory has emerged – than Ben is in fact alive and the entire murder was staged.

Reddit user mr-peaches1 outlined his thoughts with a detailed post.

“Wendy didn’t call Hellen and give up Ben. Wendy called Navarro. Wendy explained the situation to Navarro, he decided to help,” he began.

“He knew the only person that really wanted Ben dead was Hellen. At this point maybe Navarro already had made his decision on Hellen, or maybe a private phone call with Wendy helped him reach that decision.

“Nelson answers to Navarro, we know this from the time Hellen asked him if he would “let her know” if the phone call ever came for her own life. Which we find out he did not let Hellen know.

Navarro gave the order to Nelson to take Ben. Take Ben where, that’s where things get a little foggy. I am not exactly sure, but I have a theory.”

He continued: “When Wendy leaves Ben at the restaurant table. She gets in her van to leave the restaurant. Minute mark 56:26 in episode 9. The license plate is a Tennessee license plate. Can we say, at the bare minimum, they made it out of Missouri?

“Maybe Ben and Wendy made it to Knoxville, maybe Nelson got Ben either settled in with the people he knew in Knoxville or possibly got him to Mexico. A place where he would be safe.”

He admitted: “Why Navarro would do this for Wendy. I am not sure. Maybe it could be because he had already made his decision on Hellen, and sparing his soon to be new partners close brother can be seen as a kind gesture. A kind gesture that could asked to be remembered in the future.

“I realize it can be argued that this can all be disproven by the conversation that Wendy has with Navarro in the middle of episode 10. I like to think it could be a ploy cooked up between Wendy and Navarro to make everyone think Ben is dead, more importantly make Hellen think Ben is dead.

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“Wendy had been getting more confident when speaking with Navarro, almost like they truly are partners instead of her working for him. Or as he put it, him owning her.

“To me there weren’t enough concrete actions or words given to say that Ben is for sure with out a doubt dead. They built too much up between Ruth and himself to have him just be done. I have a feeling we will meet Ben again.

“Some one had to have noticed that we never saw Ben’s physical dead body, we only saw a zipped up body bag.”

He summed up: “Wendy and Navarro are working together behind the scene. Ben is still alive and will be apart of the future plot.”

The post was soon flooded with upvotes and messages of agreement.

Here’s hoping the matter is cleared up if a new series is commissioned.

The speculation comes after Jason Bateman stressed that there was “no official pickup” for the show in the wake of season 3.

However, he claimed the cast were hopeful that Netflix would order a fourth season once they were done assessing the show’s popularity.

Seasons 1-3 of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix now.

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