Ozark’s Janet McTeer reveals grim reality of Netflix waterboarding torture scenes in season 3 – The Sun

OZARK actress Janet McTeer has opened up on her character's torture in the third series, grimly quipping "it's not fun."

She plays cartel attorney Helen Pierce who is subject to waterboarding – a form of abuse which sees water poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of a person.

If the water is poured without stopping it will lead to 'dry' drowning.

The shocking scenes open Netflix show Ozark's latest instalment and Janet told publication Golderby.com: "Yeah, it’s not something I do on a daily basis.

She added: "It was kind of challenging to shoot it – it's not fun to be tortured.

"But it was incredibly well-handled.

"Those kind of scenes are challenging, so it makes them fun to do.

"It wasn't easy – I was a bit tired and wet by the end of it."

Helen first appeared in season two but has a more permanent role in the current instalment after moving to the area with her on-screen daughter, Erin.

In season two, her character was embroiled in a messy divorce and she sees an escape to the Ozark's as a way to get away from this.

The horror torture is at the hands of her ruthless crime-lord boss.

Janet told the LA Times working on the show was one of the best professional experiences she has ever had – yet it looks set to have come to an end in series three.

Viewers watched in horror as crime lord Navarro shot and killed Helen, splattering her blood all over Marty and Wendy.

They were then embraced by Navarro and told this is only the beginning of their partnership.

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