Panicked Paul Hollywood feared his brother, 50, would die of coronavirus as he reveals family trauma

PAUL Hollywood was in a state of panic when his his younger brother was hospitalised with Covid.

The Great British Bake Off judge, 54, thought his brother Lee, 50, would die while battling the coronavirus and admitted the ordeal left his family traumatised.

“My brother phoned me up a couple of weeks ago to say he caught Covid," Paul revealed.

“It was a huge panic….I didn’t want to lose him.”

Paul opened up about how Lee worried about their mother and that he experienced severe chest pain.

"He was petrified of my mum. He got it quite badly. He just felt pressure on his chest and that was the reason they pulled him in," he said on his new podcast Hollywood and Byrne.

"It could have been affiliated to almost a panic attack because he had it.

"He was struggling breathing for a bit. He was hospitalised. He felt this weight on his chest."

Paul added: “I was panicking ‘My brother is in hospital is he alright?’ I couldn’t get hold of him."

"The WiFi in hospital wasn’t working so he couldn’t contact us. I was texting him.

"My other brother, Jason set up this WhatsApp group. We were bombarding him ‘Where are you? What’s happening? Are you in ICU?’ And it was a huge panic for me. I don’t want to lose my brother.”

Lee is now out of hospital after defeating Covid, much to the relief of his family.

Paul and Lee worked in their dad’s bakery in York, before going on to work at a number of different pastry, bread and cake outlets.

Lee used to run Born & Bread in the Wirral, Liverpool, which supplied bakery good to businesses in the city, including: hotels, restaurants, delicatessens and football clubs.

The business since went into administration.

“I’m the grafter of the family, Paul’s too busy with Bake-Off. The last time he made a proper loaf was about ten years ago," Lee said in 2016.

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