Paris Hilton Is Venturing Into the Culinary World With a YouTube Series, Cookbook, and Jell-O Shots

Paris Hilton is, of course, famous for being famous. Other than starring in some reality shows, she hasn’t done much to earn the level of fame she has achieved. But the tabloid favorite is looking to change that.

Hilton is starting to venture into the culinary world with a series of YouTube videos, and she has even teased that she may be releasing a cookbook.  So far, her cooking videos have featured her making lasagna and Jello-O shots — yes, Hilton made a video showing people how to make Jell-O shots.

How did Paris Hilton become famous?

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The 39-year-old grew up in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she began modeling  as a teenager. In 2003, a sex tape that she had made two years earlier leaked and vaulted her into fame and she quickly became a household name in the wake of that leak, which helped her get a Fox reality show with Nicole Richie, The Simple Life.

Hilton took advantage of her reality fame by starting businesses, writing an autobiography, becoming a DJ, and starring in more reality shows. She has also appeared in some movies. Her fame has led to her becoming a social media influencer, with a large number of followers on her various social media platforms, which has allowed her to launch her latest venture.

A culinary celebrity?

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In January, Hilton surprised her YouTube followers by uploading a 15-minute video in which she made lasagna. That must have been popular among her fans because Hilton has since announced that she is going to release more videos in the Cooking With Paris series, and she has also dropped hints that she’ll be releasing a cookbook.

Hilton says she has been filming for culinary videos for the series, and that they should be popping up on her channel in the near future. One of them, according to Hilton, featured her cooking with sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild. In that video, they “cooked different party hors d’oeuvres like Jell-O shots and nachos,” according to Hilton’s description of the episode.

And if that’s not enough culinary tips from Hilton to satisfy you, fear not, she has also said that there should be news about a cookbook dropping in the next few months — and that book should include the recipe for the lasagna that began the celebrity’s culinary journey earlier in the year.

The infamous lasagna video

But it was the lasagna video that started it all for Hilton in terms of showing people how to cook. At the beginning of that video, she tells the viewers that she is “an amazing cook” before making what she calls her “famous” lasagna, with Chihuahua sidekick Diamond Baby by her side.

Hilton may not think her YouTube subscribers are experts in the kitchen because she emphasized some things that seem like simple concepts. One such step in the process was when she reminded viewers to cook the lasagna noodles whole and not break them in half because that would “just ruin the lasagna vibe,” she said.

The video didn’t go completely smoothly. She said that it was the first time she was cooking in that kitchen. That might be why she was using a pan for the sauce that was too small and she stirred the ricotta cheese with a cake cutter. She also offered some tips for shortcuts, such as using noodles that don’t need to be boiled and buying pre-shredded mozzarella cheese because having to grate the cheese by hand is “brutal,” according to Hilton.

If you have to grate the cheese yourself, Hilton says, “life could be worse.” The lasagna recipe is one of Hilton’s favorites and is easier than people think, even though “it’s a lot of steps compared to making toast or something.”

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