Peaky Blinders: How did Freddie die in Peaky Blinders?

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All five seasons of Peaky Blinders are available to stream and download on Netflix now. The historical drama has seen many shocking deaths over the years including the assassination of Grace Burgess (played by Annabelle Wallis) and John Shelby (Joe Cole) but how did Freddie Thorne (Iddo Goldberg) die? has everything you need to know.

How did Freddie die in Peaky Blinders?

Iddo Goldberg portrayed Freddie Thorne in the first series of Peaky Blinders.

Sadly, Freddie only featured in season one of the Peaky Blinders and by the beginning of series two, it was revealed he had died.

Freddie Throne was the husband of Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle), Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) sister.

He was a Sergeant in the Great War and was part of the 179th Tunnelling Company, saving Tommy’s life on one occasion.

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However, their friendship became estranged after Freddie turned to communism following the end of the war in 1918.

In 1919, Freddie began secretly seeing Tommy’s sister Ada, meeting under a bridge to avoid being caught by the Shelby family, following his fall out with Tommy.

Freddie was seen in Birmingham rallying the Communist faction to strike at the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA).

His potential link to the stolen BSA guns led Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill) to investigate Communists in the Small Heath area in Birmingham.

To avoid arrest, Freddie planned to leave Birmingham but just moments before he was about to board the train, Ada revealed she was pregnant.

Despite receiving financial aid from Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory) to leave Birmingham, Freddie and Ada decided to stay in Birmingham with the communist insisting he was not scared of Tommy.

Ada and Freddie later secretly married under the same bridge they used to meet at.

Inspector Campbell’s crackdown on communists in the area led Freddie to go into hiding.

When Ada gave birth to their son Karl, Freddie came out of hiding to meet his newborn baby, but the police arrived immediately to arrest him, following a tip-off.

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Thankfully, Tommy stepped in to save his old friend and arranged a successful prison break, securing Freddie’s freedom.

At the very beginning of Peaky Blinder season two, it was revealed Freddie had died.

Freddie’s political beliefs or a stint in prison did not lead to his death.

The Peaky Blinders and Ada were at his funeral and it was suggested he died of “pestilence” – most likely the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-1920, which occurred before the second series begins in 1922.

At the funeral, Tommy revealed he made a promise back in France during the war he would speak over Freddie’s grave, should he die before him.

Speaking to Collider back in 2013, star Goldberg reflected on his time as Freddie Thorne.

He said: “The world that they created, along with Steven Knight, who wrote it, was just so big and so grand.

“Usually, people cut corners and make things look bigger, but everything was just so grand and “big and epic, on this production. It was great! It was just really, really brilliant.

“We weren’t doing it on a backlot. We were in the U.K., shooting in all these great locations up in Leeds. All the stuff just looked so authentic.

“It was really, really amazing. And then, you see the costumes.

“I’m sure you’ve heard this before from actors, but I’ve not had many experiences like it.”

Since appearing in Peaky Blinders, Goldberg has gone on to star as Isaac Walton in Salem, Bennett in Snowpiercer and Sebastian in Westworld.

Peaky Blinders is streaming on Netflix now

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