Piers Morgan and MP Helen Whately furiously clash in new 'car crash interview'

Piers Morgan and MP Helen Whately clashed yet again on Good Morning Britain, just a week after their last head-to-head sparked nearly 2000 Ofcom complaints.

Care Minister Whately appeared on the show again today (Wednesday) to discuss the latest developments in combatting coronavirus by the government. 

Piers called out the minister after it was revealed that the number of coronavirus tests being handed out had actually decreased, and that the UK was well off its 100,000 test a week target. 

In fact, only 17,000 tests were made last week, markedly lower than the week before. 

Whately did not defend the claims but instead said that they were working as hard as possible to make testing available for everyone. 

She later ended up demanding Piers stop talking over her when she attempted to answer questions, a request that Piers largely ignored as he claimed that Whately was waffling rather than telling him what they needed to know. 

Whately also declined to give accurate numbers of care workers who had died fighting coronavirus, citing only 17 when other reports claimed a number more than 40. 

‘You said this last week, you came back on this programme after what people thought was a train wreck interview,’ he said, to which she said a more accurate figure would be available next week.

Their latest clash came a week after Whately came under fire by Piers for awkwardly laughing during their interview on a reported 400 care home deaths that have gone unreported.

As a result, 1910 complaints were filed to the broadcasting watchdog against the line of questioning.

He eventually had to be calmed down by co-host Susanna Reid as the situation became more uncomfortable.

Viewers were divided over the interview, with some praising Piers’s ‘no nonsense’ style, while others thought it was unfair he talked over the minister.

As it stands, there are over 129,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK, while more than 17,000 people have passed away from the virus.

However, it has been reported this number could actually be over 40,000, making the UK in line with the US as the most affected countries in the world due to the virus.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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