Piers Morgan and wife Celia forced to lie to their daughter about panic button next to their bed

PIERS Morgan and his wife Celia lied to their daughter about getting a panic button next to their bed.

The couple were forced to call in the police after receiving death threats online.

They made up a “convincing lie” about the device for their nine-year-old daughter, Elise.

Journalist Celia said: “Within hours, the police were taking down a statement, and as I write, Facebook (which owns Instagram) is helping the police track down the IP address of the person involved.

“Yet it was only when I was told my phone number would be listed with a ‘rapid response’ unit specialising in death threats, and a security engineer came to install a panic button by our bed that would have the police there within four minutes, that a trembly feeling started up in my stomach.

“I thought about the nine-year-old I had told to stay in her bedroom until ‘Daddy's work colleagues have gone’ and composed a convincing lie for when my daughter asked what the contraption in our bedroom was for.”

Celia also told of her “irritation” at having to look over her shoulder when she went out.

She said in her newspaper column: “The prospect of having to look left, right and behind me every time I took my daily exercise. Then I felt incensed.”

A sinister troll called TV star Piers a "marked man" and vowed: "This isn't a threat, Piers it's a promise, you're getting killed."

The 55-year-old responded by beefing up security to protect his family.

Mobile numbers for Piers and his wife Celia have been listed with a ‘rapid response’ police unit.

If the panic button is activated, cops will be at the family home within four minutes. 

Police attended Piers’ London home to discuss their well-being.

Celia Walden revealed how the scare left her with a “trembly feeling” in her stomach.

And she has to look over her shoulder every time she leaves the house.

Piers has vowed to take the sick troll who sent him and son Spencer death threats to court, warning on Good Morning Britain: "We will find you."

He also thanked the police for their help after he reported the abuse last week, telling co-host Susanna Reid that the online troll had "crossed a line".

The emotional star said: "I had a death threat made to me and my family last week on my eldest son's Instagram, very direct – this is not a promise, this is going to happen, we're going to find you and kill you – also to my son.

"I decided I'm not having this, you can have legitimate discourse on social media – you can be punchy and hold public figures to account but you're not allowed to issue death threats to people.

"So I called the police, they came round and took it very seriously. So thank you to the police. I also got in touch with Facebook and some top people there as they own Instagram, I said it's unacceptable and they took it seriously.

"And I am going to go through the process and see what happens because I want to know, can you find these people? They've had their account deleted but who is this person who felt it was acceptable to issue a death threat on Instagram to my son?"

Last week, Piers' 27-year-old Spencer shared a screenshot of a grave threat after he posted a selfie with his famous dad.

From now-deleted user stevienewcombe, the message read: "You're a marked man, calling the police, big tech, or beefing up security isn't going to stop us getting to you, this isn't a threat, Piers it's a promise, you're getting killed.”

They added in a second message: "Watch your back Spencer Morgan, if [we] don't get your dad, you're getting it or your mum is."

Police confirmed they were investigating.

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