Piers Morgan declares Dominic Cummings 'single-handedly destroyed' lockdown

Piers Morgan called out Dominic Cummings in a stunning takedown as he returned to Good Morning Britain on Monday’s show, declaring he had ‘single-handedly destroyed’ coronavirus lockdown.

The no-nonsense presenter, who finally returned to the show after one week off, kicked off the programme by discussing allegations that the Prime Minister’s chief advisor broke the Government’s quarantine rules by travelling 260 miles to Durham with his family – including his wife, who had Covid-19 symptoms.

Mr Cummings admitted making a second 60-mile round trip to Barnard Castle on Easter Sunday to check he was fit to drive after suffering coronavirus-related eyesight problems.

‘He’s single-handedly destroyed the lockdown,’ Piers said, addressing the scandal.

‘He’s destroyed trust in the Government. He needs to go. God knows what Cummings had on Boris Johnson.’

Piers continued: ‘Every part of this story stinks. There he is, the guy who made the rules as if nothing happened. Britain has basically gone “forget the rule”.

‘It’s one rule for them and one rule for us.’

Police confirmed Mr Cummings definitely broke this key guidance as officers spoke to his father about him being in Durham on March 31, after the regulations came into force in England on March 26.

The chief adviser also broke the guidance on not travelling anywhere else to self-isolate.

Last week, a petition calling for Mr Cummings’ departure from Government reached one million signatures as fury over the scandal failed to die down.

At the time of writing, the coronavirus death toll in the UK has surpassed 38,000.

The latest figures come just as England prepares to enter the next stage of lockdown, in which groups of up to six people will be able to meet outside – so long as they observe social distancing.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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