Piers Morgan horrifies Susanna Reid as he opens up about his SEX LIFE on GMB and shares 'role play fantasies'

PIERS Morgan horrified Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain this morning as he opened up about his and wife Celia Walden's SEX LIFE on air.

The 55-year-old star cheekily discussed their "role play fantasies" as he admitted they'd got stuck in a rut during lockdown this year.

Susanna begged her co-host to stop speaking after initially mentioning an article Celia had written about their marital discussion that was published this morning.

Kicking off the discussion, she cheekily jibed: "By the way, your lovely wife was talking about how you're trying to keep…"

Piers matter-of-factly interrupted: "Role play, yes."

Susanna then told viewers: "Can I just say, this isn't a private conversation – this is a national newspaper column in The Telegraph this morning!"

Taking the bait, her co-star explained: "You know when you're stuck inside… So, my wife out of nowhere decided to tell this story.

"When you're with the same person all year and you can't really go anywhere or do anything, it does get a bit boring…

"So I suggested dinner together."

Piers then read from Celia's column directly, revealing that she had told him she'd "had her fill" of him after spending so much time with each other in lockdown.

She then suggested that they went to dinner as other people, even committing to the idea by "wedding rings coming off, we only meet in a restaurant or pub, and we do a whole 'is this seat taken' thing."

Susanna couldn't contain her horror as Piers continued speaking, pointing out that it wasn't yet 8 in the morning when Piers revealed his wife had asked what his "fantasies" were.

However, in typical Piers style he couldn't resist poking fun, sharing that he'd told his wife: "I have one where we pretend we are complete strangers who have never met."

When she replied: "Oh, and you pick me up in a bar?" Piers retorted: "No, just the first bit – we stay strangers! There's a role play."

Piers couldn't stop giggling, later teasing Susanna for being a "killjoy" as she brought the conversation – which had centred around a man marrying his sex doll – to a halt.

Piers and Celia married in 2010 and share nine-year-old daughter Elise.

Piers is also dad to 27-year-old Spencer, 23-year-old Stanley, and 20-year-old Bertie with ex-wife Marion Shalloe.

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