Piers Morgan says activist's 'patronising sexist slur' has 'triggered his anxiety' and rages against cancel culture

PIERS Morgan accused journalist and activist Ash Sarkar of using a "patronising sexist slur" that "triggered his anxiety".

The former Good Morning Britain star had a Twitter spat with the writer over comments Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders made to The Sun earlier this week.

Jennifer, who released an Ab Fab film in 2016, claimed she wouldn't be able to make her iconic comedy in today's woke climate, and Piers strongly agreed.

He wrote: "Of course it wouldn’t. No fun or ‘inappropriate’ humour is allowed in the drab, dreary fascist world of wokedom. Excellent interview."

But Ash, who has history of clashing with Piers as a guest on GMB, claimed that it was an odd take.

She wrote: "What a weird thing to say when 2020/21 has been such a great year for woman-led comedy (Motherland, Lady Parts, Starstruck…)

"Like, has anyone tried to cancel Ab Fab? No – in fact everyone agrees it's a little bit iconic, and it has this kind of legendary status. Sure, the culture and norms around comedy have changed a lot since it was made. That's just called the passage of time hun."

Piers didn't take kindly to the riposte, replying: "Please don’t call me ‘hun’- It’s a micro-aggressive patronising sexist slur that triggers my anxiety."

The broadcaster has been on a crusade for some time to combat wokeism and even published a book, Wake Up, dedicated to combatting it.

He was incensed this week as a range of brands, including IKEA, boycotted advertising on start-up news channel GB News claiming it's not aligned with their values.

Piers fumed: "I think cancel culture needs to be cancelled, along with anyone that fuels cancel culture – be it IKEA or Chrissy Teigen. They shouldn't mind – they love cancellations."

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