Piers Morgan thanks Claire Sweeney after she was forced off Twitter by ex-GMB star's haters for defending him

PIERS Morgan thanked Claire Sweeney after she was forced off Twitter for defending him.

The Brookside actress, 50, says she abandoned her social media account after defending the ex Good Morning Britain host, 55, for his comments about Meghan Markle.

Sharing Piers' column as he broke his silence after quitting GMB, Claire wrote: "Brilliant article @piersmorgan. Miss you so much on @GMB"

The actress has now doubled down on her support for Piers, telling the Express: "I love Piers Morgan and you haven't always got to agree – that's why free speech is important and I admire that, he stands by his front.

"He's got balls of steel and I'm a big fan of Piers, big fan, and I supported him publicly on social media and then didn't look at my Twitter for a week because I knew I would get absolutely abused but I didn't care."

She added: "And you now that show is not the same without him, I think he's sorely missed on GMB.

"He shook it up and you know sometimes you agree and sometimes you cringe but I love him. I loved his book Wake Up as well, I'm a big Piers fan."

Piers has thrown his support behind Claire, tweeting the article: "How nice of her.. thanks @clairesweeney!"

Fans were also quick to jump to her support, with one person saying: "She’s a lovely woman, very complimenting towards you!"

Another added: "Hopefully you back on TV soon Piers with a much needed exciting morning show. We miss you. Havnt watched GMB since you left, its so bland and boring!!!!!"

A third remarked: "I love her she seems a really decent person ❤️"

Piers sensationally quit Good Morning Britain last month following a fiery on-air clash with co-star Alex Beresford.

He dramatically stormed off set after Alex accused Piers of having a personal grudge against Meghan Markle, with the presenter sparking over 40,000 Ofcom complaints for comments he'd made about the Duchess the previous day.

He had been on the show for five years alongside co-host Susanna Reid.

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