Power Book 2 spoilers: Tasha’s release from jail ‘confirmed’ in action-packed trailer

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Tasha St Patrick (played by Naturi Naughton) made it clear throughout all six seasons of Power that she would do anything to protect her children. This was made no clearer than in the Starz series finale when she took the fall for son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) for the murder of her estranged husband and Tariq’s father James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (Omari Hardwick). However, the trials and tribulations facing the St Patrick family won’t stop there as Power Book 2: Ghost is now on its way.

The spin-off series was dealt a cruel blow earlier this year when it was revealed production had to be halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the first-look promo from Starz at the new series has confirmed the likes of Tariq and Tasha will be returning to screens this September.

Tasha was last seen donning an orange prison jumpsuit, facing a life behind bars for her husband’s murder.

Tariq, on the other hand, was left free to continue his life as a free man, heading to college while his mother takes the blame.


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Of course, their story won’t stop there and the short trailer released from Starz has teased what drama is on its way.

In the promo, fans see Tariq and his sister Yasmine (Amaya Carr) at his father’s funeral – putting to rest theories he may still be alive.

Soon after, the trailer shows Tasha in prison facing more and more questions about Ghost’s death from Tameika Robinson (Quincy Tyler Bernstine)

Tameika even asks Tasha outright if Tariq was at the scene of the crime when Ghost was shot.

Soon after, the promo cuts to shots of Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) and newcomer Davis Maclean (Method Man) before returning to Tasha being transferred in the back of a van.

This is the first clue to suggest perhaps Tasha could be on her way out of jail.

However, it isn’t until later in the promo that the biggest hint towards Tasha’s freedom is provided.

In a split-second shot, Tasha reappears but this time she isn’t in her orange jumpsuit.

In fact, her appearance is quite the opposite of the dishevelled Tasha we see behind bars.

Tasha’s shown screaming at an unknown opponent: “It’s not true!”

However, she’s sporting a stylish, chequered jacket, has blonde highlights in her hair and is wearing purple lipstick.

The shot doesn’t appear to be one from Tasha’s time on Power either, but does it mean fans get to see her released from prison in Book 2?

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After all, with the exception of the final five episodes of Power, the series isn’t prone to flashbacks or time-jumps.

If Book 2 takes a similar approach, surely this means this shot of Tasha would be taken from the present day?

Fans will have to tune in to Power Book 2: Ghost when it premieres on Starz in September to find out once and for all.

Power Book 2: Ghost premieres on Starz in September 2020.

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