Queen Latifah Gives Exciting Update on 'Girls Trip' Sequel:

The 2017 movie Girls Trip was a big hit with both fans and critics. Starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish, the film follows four college best friends who reunite for a weekend of fun and debauchery in New Orleans. Talks of a Girls Trip sequel have gone on for years, dating back to 2018. But it has yet to materialize. Offering an update, Latifah says it’s still coming — and possibly sooner than you think.

Queen Latifah on the status of the ‘Girls Trip’ sequel

Appearing on The Tamron Hall Show to discuss her CBS show The Equalizer, Latifah was also asked about where the Girls Trip sequel stands.

“I mean, we just got the word that perhaps it may be happening sooner rather than later,” she replied. “I mean, I was ready to jump on it immediately, so it needed to be right. But everybody, we’re all down for the second one.”

Latifah, 51, also pointed out, “We kind of got into this for a sequel. So I think something promising is close, very much on the horizon.”

“So I don’t know where I’ll be next summer shooting this movie, but it better be somewhere exotic,” Latifah joked, noting that she’s ready for a change of scenery from her native New Jersey.

The cast has been ‘looking forward’ to a ‘Girls Trip’ sequel for years

Hall revealed in 2018 that Girls Trip 2 was a “go.” She and her co-stars just needed to get their schedules together. “Listen, it’s a go in that we all want to and we’re all ready,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “[It’s just a matter of] the scheduling and just wanting the script to be amazing because… the girls did a lot, so we gotta come with it.” 

In the meantime, she encouraged Kenya Barris, who created the movie with Tracy Oliver, to get to writing. “Kenya, you better be writing! You better have a pen to the paper!” she added. “We certainly are are looking forward to it.” 

By 2020, the movie seemed to stall when Haddish told The Huffington Post that the movie studio had allegedly refused their salary requests. “It was like, ‘Oh, you guys want too much money,’” she recalled of those conversations. But based on Latifah’s comments, it looks like they were ultimately able to reach a solution that worked for everyone.

Now, we wait. You can also find Girls Trip now on Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, and Apple TV.

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