Rashida Jones Narrates ‘Bigger Picture’ In Place Of Budweiser Super Bowl Airtime

The unity of purpose and human resilience created by the pandemic’s requirements will be on display during the Super Bowl in Bigger Picture, a film segment produced by Budweiser in place of its usual in-game ads and narrated by Rashida Jones.

The clip marks the first time in 37 years Budweiser, a major in-game sponsor known for such iconic ads as a puppy returning home and the use of Stevie Nicks’s song Landslide as a horse comes back to its former owner, will not air an ad during the game.

Jones has a long resume in film and television, including appearances on TV’s The Office and Parks and Recreation. She’s also been in such films as I Love You, Man and The Social Network, and cowrote the story of Toy Story 4. She also directed Quincy, a documentary on her father, Quincy Jones, that won the Grammy Award for best music film in 2019.

“I’m proud to lend my voice to the “Bigger Picture” film,” said Jones. “Budweiser shares my commitment to advocating for COVID-19 prevention and vaccine awareness and education. I’m happy to
be a part of Budweiser’s celebration of our resilience and hope during these challenging times.”

Budweiser is allocating its media investment to help support critical Covid-19 vaccine awareness and access through various marketing efforts later throughout the year. Budweiser is also offering a chance to win additional at-home viewing prizes from January 25 until the Super Bowl on February 7 by going to ABeerOnBud.com.

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