RHOA cast shook when Nene Leakes brings ‘Snake’ Yovanna to girls’ night to ‘clear her name’ – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Atlanta season 12 may be over but Bravo is gracing fans with an extra episode full of never-before-scenes and one of them includes the grand finale to 'Snakegate.'

In a never-before-seen clip, Nene Leakes brings Gail 'Yovanna' Momplaisir to girls' game night and gives her an opportunity to explain why she recorded Cynthia Bailey talking behind her ex-best friend's back.

The housewives haven't heard the last of Yovanna after Kandi Burruss invited her to explain "face-to-face" why she did what she did.

Kandi tells Eva Marcille, Tanya Sam, Marlo Hampton, and Cynthia: "I wasn't trying to invite Yovanna but I guess after she talked Cynthia and I, of course, she went and called Nene and Nene wanted to get it straight.

"I think Nene is a little thrown off by the fact that she said she was lying too.

I said 'I really have a problem with this because I actually liked you and I was hoping you would come here and say it was something else than what you had said."

Nene then addresses the producers and tells them why she pushed for Yovanna to get a second chance to explain herself.

She said: "I think this would be a much better opportunity for Yovanna to try to clear her name.

"I'm hoping that some of the girls are willing to hear her out and talk to her now that we're in a safe haven."

Porsha Williams – who arrived after them – then tells producers that when she saw Yovanna present, she was taken aback.

She tells them: "Oh my gosh, what is Yovanna doing here with all this Versace on?

"No, girl, why? You just want more lashings? Or maybe she wants us to cut her hair off like you do a real snake?"

Fans of the show will remember that explosive Canada trip where the housewives confronted Nene, Marlo and Yovanna about "Snakegate."

The housewives spent the beginning of the season trying to figure out who had secretly recorded Cynthia talking about Nene "like a dog."

And although Nene has kept mum about the subject, Marlo came clean and said: "Yovanna, go ahead and tell these people what's going on."

This exchange implied that Nene and Marlo knew it was Yovanna who had made the recording and shared it with Nene – who had previously told producers that Yovanna was indeed the snake.

Nene responded: "Snake is not a nice word, so I wouldn't call her a snake. Is Yovanna with information? Yes."

This revelation caused Porsha to verbally assault Yovanna who hit back by insulting Porsha's fiance, Dennis.

It also led to Nene trying to explain things to Cynthia but instead directing her anger towards Kenya Moore and lunging at her for getting in between the two.

The show also led fans to believe that this was the last they had seen from Yovanna but Nene will prevent that from happening.

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