RHOA's Drew Sidora accuses married costar LaToya Ali of CHEATING on husband with her prophet friend

REAL Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora accused her married costar LaToya Ali of CHEATING on her husband, Adam, with her prophet friend.

The two women have been butting heads all season and things have now escalated to include cheating accusations.

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During last night's episode, Drew and LaToya's feud reached a whole other level when the former singer told the housewives that she had canceled her youngest daughter's "blessing" ceremony because the Canadian YouTuber had developed a relationship with Prophet Lott, who was going to lead the ceremony.

As the housewives got together to support Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey during their black-owned small businesses pop-up event, Drew brought up the situation.

Drew said: "I had gotten a call from Prophet Lott and he said you got upset because I found out you guys had been seeing each other."

LaToya, who denied the whole thing, asked her: "What are you talking about? You're such a drama queen!"

The singer then told her: "Is that not true? I just want you to know that I know and real lives have been affected."

After LaToya asked her again what she was talking about, she explained: "Didn't you tell Cynthia that you met someone from Texas? And the prophet is from Texas! And he broke up with his fiance and he has a baby?"

When LaToya once more denied ever hooking up with the prophet, Drew told her: "I can't have a conversation with someone who can't keep it real. It's not no made up story but if you just don't want to be honest then that's fine. But if you're in a spiritual journey, then the first thing you have to do is tell the truth."

LaToya quickly hit back and said: "Well the first thing you have to do is shut the f**k up because you don't know what you're talking about.

"I was on a four-week program with him. He was advising me spiritually every Wednesday."

Drew refused to drop the subject and said: "Is that why your mom said you got a hotel room with Prophet Lott? Am I lying?"

"Yeah," LaToya told her. "I am not talking to no Prophet Lott and if I was, why the hell wouldn't I say so. You don't know what's going on in my life."

During a confessional interview, Drew told producers: "LaToya is a disrespectful little thing. She's over here breaking families and I really have an issue, I can't stand by and allow that to happen with people I care about."

She then described LaToya as a Delilah, which she described as a "woman who uses her sexuality and projects that sex spirit unto others."

Later on in the episode, the housewives caught Kenya Moore on what had gone down at the pop-up store and LaToya decided to FaceTime with the prophet to clear things up.

When LaToya asked if he was supposed to bless Drew's youngest daughter, he said: "I was supposed to be part of that and I never heard back from them. After some confusion came up with me advising you spiritually."

Kandi then asked him if he had a relationship with LaToya, he said: "The assistant that was involved was being really messy and because he was the one who introduced me to them, I think it became this intimidation tactic because the assiatnt and I had a friendship and when he noticed I had a connection with LaToya, everyone got emotional.

"I never admitted that to them, I just admitted to them that I was advising her and I am not going to allow anyone to control me. This is what I do."

He then denied that he had a sexual relationship with LaToya and said that he was engaged three years ago, further denying that the Canadian YouTuber broke his home.

LaToya is currently in the midst of divorcing the father of her three children, Adam.

This is certainly not the first time that the two new women have butted heads.

Most recently, Drew threatened to put LaToya's head through a gate for grabbing her hand when making an offensive comment about her husband, Ralph.

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