'RHOBH': Kyle Richards Still Hasn't Apologized to 'Psychic' for Involving Her in Ring Theft Debacle

When it comes to drama, sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction, and Kyle Richards — controversy-heavy cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — is definitely well acquainted with trouble. Richards’ time on the show has been marked with plenty of feuds and disputes, and her future on the show is frequently under threat because of her tendency to get into so many spats.

That televised drama aside, it turns out that one of the strangest stories involving Richards has to do with a real-life controversy. Years ago, Richards was the victim of theft. When she thought she saw some of her long-gone property on another woman’s fingers, she made some accusations that didn’t pan out — and it doesn’t look like she’s planning to apologize. 

Kyle Richards was robbed in 2017

Kyle Richards has lived much of her glamorous life in the spotlight, and that — of course — makes her a target for those who are looking for valuables. Richards began acting back in the 1970s as a character on Little House on the Prairie and has been a staple of the RHOBH.

That work, along with her 2007 memoir, has helped her amass a fortune of around $50 million. She might not be as wealthy as fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump, but she’s definitely among the most financially successful cast members. 

In 2017, she was the victim of an invasive home robbery that resulted in the loss of more than $1 million in property. 

The robbery cost Kyle Richards several meaningful pieces of jewelry

At the time of the robbery, Richards and her family were vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. Their new home in Encino, California was robbed while they were away, and the thief or thieves made off with jewelry and handbags, including $150,000 worth of watches belonging to Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky, according to People

It wasn’t just the monetary value of the items that caused Richards to feel so violated. She also lost pieces that could not be replaced: “Everything my mother, who passed away, had ever collected and saved to give to me — that I had always envisioned of passing on to my four daughters — was gone. Even my children’s baby bracelets. Obviously those are the things that hurt the most, things that I can’t replace. They’re completely invaluable.”

The couple thought they had a state-of-the-art security system installed, but it turned out to have a faulty installation, and the app they were using to arm it from a distance malfunctioned. Police investigated and deemed a broken window the most likely entry point. 

Kyle Richards thought she spotted her missing ring 

To add a bizarre twist to this tragic story, Richards later thought she spotted one of her missing rings — on another woman’s finger. Diane Keaton posted a picture of a woman she identified as a psychic on the Third Street Promenade to her Instagram account. Keaton shared the photo to make a comment about the woman’s long, black fingernails.


According to Page Six, when Richards saw the photo, she immediately recognized one of the rings on the woman’s hand and identified it as her own. Richards was so certain about it that she hired a private investigator to find the woman before turning to her own sleuthing. 

The woman was eventually identified as Diana French, but she denies being a psychic. The retired pharmacy clerk also denies that the ring is Richards’, and — according to TMZ — she has the receipts to back it up.

There are photos of the woman wearing the ring from years ago and an appraisal dating back four decades — long, long before Richards was robbed. French’s granddaughter also took to TikTok to clear her nana’s name.

With that evidence before her, you’d think that Richards would be quick to apologize for the mistake, but so far, no apology has occurred. 

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