'RHOBH': Will Teddi Mellencamp Be Cut From the Show After Given 'One Last Chance'?

There is a lot of talk about the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) once again changing. Fans previously thought Teddi Mellencamp announced she quit, but will she actually be fired? A new rumor claims she had one last chance.

Teddi Mellencamp was rumored to be quitting ‘RHOBH’

Fans weren’t happy with Mellencamp after season 10 ended. That’s because Brandi Glanville told her Denise Richards was talking about her behind her back and Glanville says she hooked up with the actor. Mellencamp ended up confronting her about these rumors.

It’s not a secret Mellencamp was getting hate after the season. There was a rumor she was quitting.

A tweet was going around and it appeared to be from the reality star. “Hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode of RHOBH, it’s a bumpy ride. After 3 seasons, I have decided to walk away from the show. I wish the cast, production, and Bravo all the best in future seasons, and I am grateful that I have made some lifelong friends out of this experience,” it read.

However, Mellencamp later said it was fake. “Whoever made that fake tweet thanks for the extra press,” she tweeted on Aug. 19.

She wasn’t surprised by Denise Richards quitting

Richards decided to quit after the new season. She refused to talk more about Glanville’s claim they hooked up before she made the decision.

Mellencamp did a Q&A with fans on Instagram. Someone asked her if she was happy Richards will no longer be on the show.

“Not surprised. I don’t know when and why the decision was made but anytime one person wants to be the ‘star’ of a show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well. I wish her the best and hope she is thriving and happy,” read her answer.

There is a rumor she’ll be fired

The rumors around potential casting changes aren’t in Mellencamp’s favor. The reality star might be cut and won’t be back next season.

“The network has not been impressed with her performance on the show,” an unknown source reportedly told The Daily Mail. “They considered cutting her last season but gave her one last chance.”

Her personality is rumored to be part of the reason she might be replaced. “She is boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members,” an insider said.

Mellencamp not getting along with multiple cast members is rumored to be another reason for a possible change. Kyle Richards is her one friend on the show and it seems like a source doesn’t think it’ll last. “Kyle will most likely dump her, when Bravo does,” a source said.

This is a rumor that has yet to be addressed by any of the cast members. Fans will be seeing at least one new face on the show next season given Richards’ exit.

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