RHOP: Monique Samuels Abruptly Leaves Party to Avoid Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

"She's a child," Gizelle said.

Ashley later ran after Candiace, who broke down in tears over her strained friendship with Monique.

"I did not want to do that all of that in your house in front of your baby. At the end of the day, the issue is between Ashley and Candiace, not Ashley, Candiace and Monique," Candiace told Ashley, tearing up. "I'm not crying about this. She's on some other s—."

While Candiace is now in a bad place with Monique, she was able to make progress in her relationship with Ashley.

As viewers recall, last season was tense, with Candiace questioning Ashley's quest to get pregnant and calling her a "roach" on the day she gave birth.

"I never thought that you would be sitting here with your lactating breasts talking to me and helping me feel better about what's going on. I appreciate it," Candiace told Ashley. "I really want us to move [forward]."

"I'm glad you came," Ashley told Candiace.

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