Rich House, Poor House couple offered lifeline for £25k debt

A couple on Rich House, Poor House broke down when they were offered help to clear their £25,000 debt by a wealthy family in a real gut-punching moment on the Channel 5 series.

The most recent episode which aired last night included a very emotional scene as one contestant was gifted an amazing amount of money to help clear his debts.

In the instalment, Ed and Tracey Llewellyn family swapped their Enfield flat for the more extravagant Rickmansworth abode of the Hornings’, namely dad Ladisclav and mum Qi.

Ed and Tracey shared that they struggled to feed their family on around £97 a week, whilst the Hornings’ have £2,300 to spend on food alone over the course of seven days.

During the course of the process, Ed opened up to the fact that he owed debt collectors £25,000, and that bailiffs were knocking on the door asking for the cash.

‘Unfortunately, the property market crashed and it left me with sky-high debts that I couldn’t pay,’ he said.

‘I can’t afford to provide the things I want to for my family – it breaks my heart.’

It all came to a head at the end of the episode, where the two families sat down to discuss their experiences – and Ladisclav made Ed a wonderful offer.

‘I will arrange for you, if you want to, for you to have a chat with our people in London, in our office. Specialists,’ he told the couple.

‘I see your predicament and the pressure it puts on you and your family. Tracey, you will get out of it, he will get out of it.’

At the kind gesture, Ed broke down into tears, sobbing: ‘I’m a proud man, and it hurts me when I’m not giving them what they need.’

Ladisclav also gave the couple some advice, namely that the Llewellyn’s children have ‘the biggest treasure, which is two loving parents.’

Pass us the tissues, please. We’re not crying, you are!

Rich House, Poor House aired on Channel 5, catch up now on My5.

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