Rick and Morty: Fans outraged as network ‘spoils’ next episode ‘Beware!’

Although Adult Swim’s irreverent sci-fi comedy isn’t laden with shocking reveals and major character deaths – most of the time – Rick and Morty fans still have to tread carefully when it comes to stumbling across spoilerific posts online.

The midseason premiere of Rick and Morty’s fourth season confused fans with a metacommentary on its own fast-and-loose story structure, though it still brought in the laughs.

Thankfully, the latest episode, Promortyus, was a return to the classic adventure format as writer Jeff Loveness took shots at the Aliens franchise and Hollywood disaster movies.

Unhinged scientist Rick and his grandson Morty (both played by Justin Roiland) find themselves prisoners of a parasitic alien race and find themselves returning to the havoc they left behind when the pair realise they left Summer (Spencer Grammer) stranded on a wrecked planet.

While the episode was considered a return to form by some fans after last week’s meta brainteaser, other fans felt a dark joke involving references to 9/11 and Pearl Harbour in the same beat may have taken things a step too far.


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However, the biggest controversy of the night was streaming platform Hulu releasing episode seven to subscribers earlier than the next chapter’s 11:30pm EST premiere on Adult Swim.

During the build up to the episode’s release, one observant fan quickly took to Reddit to point out the imminent danger.

Reddit user Axel_Sig posted: “Beware of spoilers, this episode came out on Hulu early.”

Luckily, the episode came near the middle of the season and therefore didn’t contain any major revelations for the future of the series.

Despite this, fans reacted strongly to some unexpected gags in the latest episode, and it would have been a shame to have certain moments spoiled.

One fan reacted: “Holy s**t the pan to the alien Twin Towers was the hardest I’ve ever laughed at this show.”

Although another was more critical: “Is Rick and Morty still doing 9/11 jokes? Because wow, that’s so funny in 2020.”

Rick and Morty is also infamous for its signature post-credits gags at the end of episodes, which occasionally feature major twists for the outcome of the series.

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However, this week’s simply featured some hilarious and inappropriate comments from Summer’s recurring friend, Tricia (Cassie Steele) who confesses she wants to sleep with Rick’s hapless son-in-law, Jerry (Chris Parnell).

In a seemingly throwaway gag, Jerry reveals he has taken up beekeeping, though Beth’s (Sarah Chalke) incompetent husband’s fruitless exploits in the series usually have no bearing on the show’s narrative as a whole.

Meanwhile, while this episode was light on twists, Rick and Morty star Sarah Chalke teased some major moments for Beth Smith to come.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, she revealed: “I feel like this season, like what you guys are about to see is some of my favourite stuff.”


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“The rest of season 4b, I think it’s some, just in general, some of my favourite episodes.”

Unfortunately, she quickly clarified: “I’m not allowed to [say]! I’m under strict, strict orders not to say anything!”

With 60 more episodes to come after the conclusion of season four, fans are hoping Adult Swim’s massive series renewal promises big things for the ambitious animated parody.

Rick and Morty continues Sundays on Adult Swim and Thursdays on E4.

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