Rick and Morty theories: Rick has been controlling Jerry the whole time – here’s how

With season four of Rick and Morty getting underway soon, fans of the Adult Swim cartoon are predicting some huge revelations to come. The cynical mad scientist is more deranged than ever in recent episodes, so fans are expecting the unexpected.

The first five episodes were released to Adult Swim late last year, with episode five, Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty airing in mid-December.

Since then, fans have been waiting for updates on the unreleased second half of the season, with fears the show’s production could be stalled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, Adult Swim recently confirmed the irreverent animated series would make its highly anticipated return on May 3.

Rick (played by Justin Roiland) has become more self-destructive than ever in recent seasons, and hints in the last two seasons have led fans to speculate a major revelation is on the way.


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In episode five of season four, Rick strikes a damaging relationship with a needy dragon named Balthromaw (Liam Cunningham), while his son-in-law Jerry meets a talking cat with a sinister secret (Matthew Broderick).

During the episode, Jerry tries to uncover the secret of why the cat is able to talk.

While the answer isn’t revealed to the audience, when Rick and Jerry finally find out, the truth is so traumatising that Rick consider’s suicide, and he decides to erase Jerry’s memory.

The concept of erasing memories is established as a frequent occurrence in season three episode Morty’s Mind Blowers.

Rick reveals to Morty at the start of the episode that certain horrific adventures have been erased, with Morty’s consent, so as not to further traumatise his grandson.

However, Jerry’s memory wipe seems to be the first time Rick has erased an event from someone’s mind without permission – or so most viewers thought.

One inquisitive fan recently took to Reddit to suggest memory wipes may have become a habit for Rick, and he may not be asking for consent every time.

Redditor Theaanomaly posted: “Rick usually erases someone’s mind when they want him to or when he made a mistake.”

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While it seems Rick usually sticks to his consent rules regarding memory wipes, this diligent viewer points out the crazed scientist is pretty nonchalant when he erases Jerry.

They added: “Although Jerry freaked out at first he began coping later, even hinting that he wanted to remember what he saw.

“Therefore there is only one reason Rick could have logically done it; wiping Jerry’s mind is habit.”

Even during the show’s earliest beginnings Rick considers Jerry’s intelligence far below his, thinking him a spineless and disappointing husband for his daughter, Beth (Sarah Chalke).


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This theory suggests Rick has been wiping his mind out of habit, potentially to keep him simple or placated in order to make him more easily manipulated.

In Morty’s Mind Blowers, Rick characteristically turns to the audience and confirms the memory format will be replacing the previous clip show style, Interdimensional Cable.

With another Mind Blowers episode presumably on the way in season four, it could be revealed Jerry has even more wild adventures that Rick has routinely erased and kept in storage.

Rick and Morty returns on May 3 on Adult Swim.

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