Rick Moranis Victim of 'Random Unprovoked Assault' in New York

Rick Moranis was the victim of an assault that was caught on surveillance footage Thursday morning on a New York City street.

The long-retired actor — who made a rare on-camera appearance for a Ryan Reynolds-starring commercial in September — was briefly hospitalized with head, back and hip pain before he was discharged. He then went to a nearby police precinct to report the attack, CBS New York reports.

Surveillance footage from the incident shows Moranis being punched in the head by a still-unknown assailant in what police called a “random unprovoked assault,” the Associated Press reports. NYPD Crime Stoppers tweeted footage from the attack as well as a $2,500 reward for any information to identify the attacker.

While Moranis’ reps haven’t commented on the attack, his recent co-star Reynolds tweeted: “Should have known not to subject Rick to the year 2020. Glad to hear he’s okay.”

Moranis — star of films like Ghostbusters, Spaceballs and Little Giants — left the movie industry in 1997 following the death of his wife to breast cancer; his last on-screen role was that year’s direct-to-video sequel Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. The actor opted instead to raise his children out of the spotlight, but he continued to do voice work for animated films over the past two decades.

However, in February, it was revealed that Moranis would return to movies in the upcoming Shrunk, a quasi-reboot of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise.

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