Ricky Gervais reveals he's written episode one of After Life series three – and the rest is 'getting there'

RICKY Gervais has revealed he's written the first episode of After Life season three.

Fans of the Netflix black comedy were delighted as Ricky shared a picture of himself holding the first draft of the script on social media last night.

It sparked a flurry of comments from viewers desperate for more details.

One asked if the rest of the series had been written, to which Ricky replied: "Just ep 1. The rest are getting there though."

And it appears the comedian has already added to his material teasing this morning how he's come up with a hilarious joke.

He posted: "Just wrote a joke for Brian Gittins to tell in #AfterLife3. It’s so good I’m counting it as a day’s work."

Brian, played by David Earl, is the village oddball in After Life, knocked for six after his wife left him.

He now has a small job at his local paper, and in season two viewers watched him perform a car crash stand-up set at a village variety show.

Viewers greeted the After Life updates with excitement with one writing: "best news! 👏🏼🎊xxx."

Another posted: "I couldn’t be more excited ahhhhh."

As a third commented: "I'm not emotionally ready for it! It's heartbreak and sore cheeks from laughing. Can't wait!"

In May The Sun revealed Ricky was being offered £5million to do a third season.

The seven-figure package includes the funnyman writing a number of comedy specials alongside the next instalment of After Life.

Bosses at the streaming giant tempted Ricky, 58, into the deal with a blank cheque.

He then met with Netflix content boss Cindy Holland to hammer out the deal.

A source said at the time: “After Life smashed expectations again with the second series and Netflix wanted to tie Ricky down with a big money deal."

“They basically approached him with a blank cheque and after bashing out the finer details he will receive just over £5million for the third After Life. As part of the wider deal Ricky will also pen a couple of comedy shows and skits for Netflix."

“Ricky has a meeting pencilled in with Cindy next month. They are hoping to have the third series of After Life ready to air by Spring 2021 but with the current lockdown situation it’s hard to pin point exact dates at this time.”

As well as After Life, Ricky has previously written comedy Special Correspondents for Netflix and reprised his role as David Brent for a spin-off of his 2005 series The Office, which ran for 13 years on the BBC.

Insiders also revealed how Channel 4 showed an interest in taking on the smash hit series, which follows the story of a local newspaper reporter, Tony Johnson, coming to terms with the death of his wife.

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