Rob Gronkowski's Reaction to Tom Brady Calling His Penis 'Amazing,' Masked Singer Experience

Brady complimented Gronkowski’s –ahem– physique in an interview with Howard Stern earlier this month — plus, Gronk reveals the “gayest thing [he’s] ever done.”

Rob Gronkowski has heard Tom Brady’s comments on his manhood and he called it "the biggest compliment of my career, alongside playing with Tom," during his appearance with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live."

"I see some headlines that he called my hot dog amazingly nice, so it kind of surprised me," Gronkowski admitted, though after realizing that Brady was making these comments on Howard Stern’s show, it made a lot more sense to him. "If you go on that show, anything is game at any time."

Hilariously, when asked by Cohen if Brady’s member was as nice as his, Gronkowski did not hesitate to shut that notion down right away. "No, not as nice as mine. I mean, the guy didn’t flock it as much as I did," he said, admitting he had to steal a "sneak peek."

Brady and Gronkowski spent years together on the championship New England Patriots team. That meant a lot of time spent in football locker rooms and, in Gronkowski’s case, meant a lot of nudity, as he readily admitted.

"Gronk would get naked and literally throw his towel over his shoulder," Brady told Stern. "He didn’t give a shit." Apparently, this would happen even with reporters in the room.

After trying to deflect Stern’s line of questioning by saying that "every guy’s penis looks the exact same," Brady finally relented when Stern asked if Gronkowski is just like every other guy, or if he perhaps has a particularly large member.

"Yes he does," Brady finally confessed to Stern. "It’s amazing."

Probably the funniest comment about Brady came later in the interview, though, when Cohen asked if Brady had any prima donna tendencies. Gronkowski immediately made fun of him for spritzing rose water or some such on his face after practice to moisturize his skin.

"It was prima donna for sure," he said, before adding with a laugh, "And then I started doing it, too."

Later, Gronkowski was asked by a viewer about his experience on "The Masked Singer." He was a polarizing figure from the beginning, performing under the guise of the White Tiger … and performing quite badly, we might add.

But for Gronkowski, it was all about having fun. And while he did his best to keep his identity a secret, NFL fans picked up on his identity right away. For one, he’s 6’5" and White Tiger was huge. And then, there were his dance moves.

They were … not great, but they were Gronk’s signature moves seen on sidelines, in locker rooms and pretty much anywhere he is. Also not great was his singing ability, but he had an infectious joy about him that kept him advancing way beyond what fans online wanted to see.

Nevertheless, Gronkowski said he was having a blast every step of the way, telling Cohen his "favorite part was actually performing." He also loves that he learned something from the experience.

"I got to learn new dance moves, I got to learn how to sing a little bit and then put it together," he said. "And then you get to do it in front of a crowd with just being free, because you’re under a mask … It was a thrill, man."

Later in the same segment, he was asked the "gayest thing you’ve ever done," but we’ll just say that Cohen quickly said that he liked Gronkowski’s admission.

"I knew you would like it," Gronkowski said with a smile.

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