Rob Rinder tells celebrities in lockdown to 'shut up' during rant

Rob Rinder couldn’t help but have a dig at celebrities who are trying to ‘help’ people in lockdown as he continued to tell them to ‘shut up’.

The TV judge appeared on This Morning via video link with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to speak about the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and how celebrities, including the royals, are dealing with it.

‘The contribution that people in the public eye are making and how wonderful that Kate and Will are doing that and they’re doing precisely what royals should do,’ he began.

‘The celebrities in large brackets that have talent that are choosing to entertain us that’s completely and utterly marvellous and if you don’t have that talent.

‘I simply don’t understand why you think it’s a helpful contribution to take selfies behind your self-secluded moat, I don’t get it at all.’

‘Give money quietly and thoughtfully to charity, much needed charity at this time,’ he continued.

‘Otherwise, it seems to be simply shut up, I watched that Imagine video with Gal Gadot where she smugly looked into the camera and said: “I’m helping people”.’

Judge Rinder went on to brand the video ‘grotesque’ as he pointed out that some families are having to go through ‘the worst’.

He added: ‘Words can’t overstate how grotesque I thought it was in a time when people need help there she was with her A-list friends self secluding no doubt with staff and that sort of thing.

‘As families are just about confronting the worst, these people are modern-day Marie Antoinette’s and things didn’t go well for her in the end.’

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