Roman Kemp reveals he’s desperate to go grey so he can become ‘sexy’ like his silver fox dad Martin

ROMAN Kemp has revealed he's desperate to go grey so he can become ‘sexy’ like his silver fox dad Martin.

The Capital Breakfast DJ, 28, said he’s used to being second best to his old man, 59,  in the looks department but is hopeful he’ll mature just as finely.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, he said: “That’s been my life. I’ve grown up watching my dad bring home sexiest man of the year trophies. I’m a bit upset the generation skipped a little bit. He’s still the best looking one in the house.

“I low-key can’t wait to go grey. I’m like hopefully I’ll go grey in a good way like him. The person I always think about in this scenario is my mum, because my mum just thinks it’s all just ridiculous.”

The father and son duo’s strong bond shines through on their ITV show Martin and Roman's Weekend Best.

The fun lifestyle programme has proved so popular that ITV moved to air it on both Saturdays and Sundays, and Roman is proud of how his dad has grown as a presenter.

He said: “We had Sunday Best and with that going to Weekend Best, I was absolutely terrified. The workload is unbelievable, and when you’ve got the radio show it’s tough. 

“But at the end of the day seeing my dad get better in terms of presenting has been really good.”

Having taken part in I’m A Celebrity and released a well-received documentary on male mental health issues earlier this year for the BBC, Roman has a broad range of telly experience under his belt.

As well as filming more documentaries, he ultimately hopes to land a primetime Saturday night show.

“I think that for me I’ll always be someone that wants to host that shiny floor Saturday night show,” he said. 

“I will always want that. I really enjoyed making the documentary. In a way I like the structure of making something like that stuff with some real meaning behind it, and I did enjoy that. 

“I’m going to try and make a couple more documentaries. Just for me personally it felt really cathartic to do something like that.”

Roman revealed his telly work often sparks calls of nepotism from trolls, who claim he only gets the jobs he does because of his famous dad.

While it might be grating for some, Roman takes it in his stride.

He explained: “The funniest thing about the documentary is when it was first announced I was doing it, the amount of tweets I saw being like ‘what does Martin Kemp’s son know about this? He’s had the best life ever’, which is fine. I get that on anything.

“The director of my doc was a lad called Josh Allott, and Josh’s mum is Anneka Rice. So for me it was like nepotism FC. I almost wanted to message back saying ‘wait til you find out who directed it’. I think me and Josh, we’re going to work together again.

“I’ll get it for the rest of my life. I don’t give a f**k.”

He recently commemorated an emotional TV moment he shared with his dad when they explored their heritage on ITV’s DNA Journey.

The ink-loving radio host is known for his quirky tattoos, including a wonky design on his leg done by none other than Ed Sheeran.

But his latest piece is far more meaningful.

“I literally just got one the other day,” he said. “We found out that my three-time great grandad drove the royal train for the King of Egypt for 40 years. It was mad. When we found that out I was like ‘oh my god’. He was a Geordie, the train was built by the Stevensons, who built the steam engine.

“The train itself is solid gold and in a museum in Cairo so I got that train tattooed right on the back of my arm on the side. That’s nice.”

Roman is currently backing beer brand Stella Artois’ Tips campaign to raise money for the hospitality industry, which has been ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

For every pint of Stella served up until May 9, the company will give £1 to bar staff tips up to a grand total of £500,000.

In addition the brand is releasing NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens which are powered by the same blockchain technology behind bitcoin.

Stella has unveiled the world’s first “tipping” NFT, with 100 per cent of the proceeds from the original sale and 10 per cent royalties of each subsequent resale going towards bar staff tips for the UK hospitality industry.

Available to bid on at auction from Rarible, they include four striking pieces of visual art; Infinite Skim, which pays homage to Stella Artois’ iconic serve,

Neverending Tip, a visual representation of the Non-Fungible Tip, The Life Artois, and Spin, a nod towards the £1 tip generated with the purchase of each pint of Stella Artois.

Roman said: “When I first heard the idea it just felt really nice. The idea of that extra £1 going there was nice, it was kind of like a no-brainer for me. It’s nice to see a well-known company helping out the little guy every now and then.”

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