Ruth Jones says there are no plans for more Gavin and Stacey

Ruth Jones joined Lorraine on Tuesday to chat about her new novel, when of course the topic of Gavin and Stacey came up! 

The novelist, who co-wrote and stars the hugely popular sitcom alongside James Corden, spoke about whether the series would be making a comeback – and why she and the Into the Woods star haven’t written any more episodes – yet! Watch the video here: 

WATCH: Ruth reveals what the future holds for Gavin and Stacey

She said: “It’s lovely that people ask me and I do get asked a lot – people always apologise before asking me… I wish I could say yes [we have written more episodes] but the truth is, as has always been the case, James and I love to write together in the same room and that’s just not possible at the moment because he is in America and I’m here in the UK.

Did you enjoy the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special?

“There aren’t any plans at the moment but who knows!” Speaking about how the Christmas special’s cliffhanger could be seen as a good thing in the meantime, Lorraine said: “In a way, leaving it that way allows us to invent what we want to happen.” 

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