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S CLUB 7 star Paul Cattermole was in his element hunting for ghosts in a final TV project before his shock death.

The 46-year-old was found dead at his home in Dorset last Thursday just weeks after it was revealed S Club were coming back for an arena reunion tour later this year.

Unseen footage has now surfaced of the late singer taking part in a woodland ghost hunt with psychic Madonna Viviani back in December.

The duo, along with a select few other believers, took to Grovely Wood, Wilts, after dark to look for paranormal activity.

During the unaired YouTube programme, Paul's humour shines through with the pop star joking: "I did see a meme once that someone put online and it was them lying in a stick of sage and it was like 'you know sometimes when you want to clear the negative energy out your room, and you realise, it's you'."

Paul, 46, trained as a tarot reader in the years before his death and was coined a 'psychic detective' by his tutor.


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He offered 20-minute readings for £39.95 after learning the new skill in Los Angeles.

Gary Rogers, who produced the woodland ghost hunt, told MailOnline: "Paul instantly came across as a really nice guy. Paul said that he was excited in the same way that you felt when you first sit on a fair ride or rollercoaster, that nervous anticipation and excitement all rolled into one."

Last year Paul opened up about his unusual new career move on The Andy Jaye Podcast.

He said: "The main work of a psychic detective is psychometry – being able to hold objects and know what has happened with them, what has been done with them, being able to look at photos and getting a sense of what has happened post, hence and pre the photo being taken.

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"I got it quite late in life, I got it in my early 20s, which having discussed it with lots of psychics, that’s actually quite late to get it.

"It was always there but I wasn’t aware of it. It was actually when I was working in LA that I was first aware of it.

"It came to me and I thought, ‘If I discuss this people will think I’m going to be crazy’.

"Talking to people who have passed away is another one of the things, it’s another skill within that zone."

The former popstar, who was a psychic, clairvoyant and spirit coach, added that he first started "seeing things" in his early 20s and initially feared something was wrong with him

But after leaning into his visions, Paul realised his psychic abilities were for good and began work to control the "signs and symbols" that were speaking to his subconscious.

"So it really came on strong when I was like 22, 23… but then later, in my early 30s it came on strong again," he continued.

"I never got the thing like I was hearing voices, but I was seeing things.

"It’s described as intuitive downloads from the universe. Just things, ideas, memories – maybe other people’s memories – just come rushing into you.

"Or came rushing into me at these sort of two different points in time.

"And yeah, for sure, at first I did think,  ‘Oh my God, is everything OK with me?’ Looking back at that point now, I think that was quite normal to react like that.

"Once I started meditating and really sort of owning it, I got real control of it. My thing was that I’d be seeing symbols and signs absolutely everywhere.

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"I couldn’t almost look at a sign, be it a sign on a motorway or an advertisement on a billboard, on an advert on a truck or a bus, I couldn’t look at any of them without them speaking to me in a certain way.

"But not speaking to me like a voice, speaking to my subconscious, or to my actual awareness, my conscious awareness."

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