Scarlett Moffatt says she felt 'hope and relief' after calling the Samaritans after cruel trolling

SCARLETT Moffatt said she felt "hope and relief" after calling the Samaritans when cruel trolling left her "feeling really low".

The 30-year-old star winner appeared on BBC Breakfast during Mental Health Awareness Week to recall how she sought help from the mental health charity.

The former I'm a Celebrity winner also took to social media to share a clip of the segment and reassure her fans that "it's okay to not be okay".

Recalling her rise to fame in 2016, she said: “When I came out of the jungle I was on top of the world. I finally felt accepted.

“With all those positive things came a lot of negativity and before long it was just consuming me. This sadness was just consuming every part of my body.

“I would get a lot of trolling about the way that I looked, specifically about my weight, about being very slim. Then I got bigger and people didn’t like that.

“People saying ‘You should just go and kill yourself, I shouldn’t have to look at you on my TV’ and I just thought ‘I can’t do this anymore.'

"I just spent so much time in bed hanging up on friends and family who were reaching out and saying: 'Sorry not ignoring you, just really busy'

"I just wanted to have a decent night's sleep, it just felt like so long from when I'd had a nice sleep and that was the moment I though 'I can't do this anymore.'"

After reaching her lowest point, Scarlett called the Samaritans’ hotline using a fake name, which prompted her to seek help from her GP.

She added: "This is going to sound really dramatic, but you do feel like it's just…like hope. That's what it sounded like, just hearing someone say 'hello, Samaritans, what's wrong?'"

The TV star explained that she feels like the "old Scarlett again" admitting that she "loves life".

She added: "I felt really sad, I spoke to Samaritans, I got help from my GP and now I am in such a good place with my little dog and my boyfriend and my friends and family.

“I just love life. I feel like I am the old Scarlett again, the 18-year-old Scarlett that was carefree. I feel like I am that girl again.”

Scarlett has become a Samaritans Ambassador and will be working with the charity to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental wellbeing.

She wrote on Instagram: "My biggest achievement to date. Becoming an ambassador for the amazing @samaritanscharity 💚.

"Over 4 years ago I called Samaritans after feeling really low, they helped me in so many ways and now I hope that I can help Samaritans help any one who is struggling too.

"It felt like hope and relief when I first called Samaritans and I heard that voice on the other side of the phone. My lovelies It’s ok not to be ok, you are good enough.

"You are strong, you are wonderful just as you are and I promise it will get better 💚."

The former Gogglebox star recently left horrified after a cruel troll told her to "kill herself" in a row over a toothpaste advertisement.

Scarlett admitted she was "dumbfounded" after being targeted for plugging the dental brand, adding that the cruel words had "hurt" her.

She took to her Instagram Story to share her reaction to the comments, revealing that other trolls had called her a "fat, ugly mess".

The TV favourite was also slammed for her teeth in the tirade of abuse, after she'd admitted to being insecure about them due to years of being bullied as a child.

Defending her decision to plug the toothpaste brand, Scarlett said: "That doesn't mean you can write horrific things.

"I'm not being funny but some of your comments saying I should go and die, that I'm a fat ugly mess, back to bullying me about my teeth again – which I have just said is a trigger from my childhood… that's not okay, guys.

"I don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to sell them something, I use everything that I sell – I'm not one of those people who does ads all the time because I’d only recommend stuff that I thought that you’d like and that I personally think is good.

"But those comments were not okay, that's not okay to say that someone should go and die… Sorry guys, I'm just dumbfounded by this. I don’t know what my weight or my looks has to do with dental hygiene."

Clearly emotional, the former Gogglebox favourite went on: "I don't know why people are being so hurtful. I don't know why you're saying I should go and kill myself because I’m fat. That’s really awful.

"If I didn’t have a good support network and people around me who love me, that would be detrimental to my mental health. This is not okay.

"We all need to stick together. We’ve all been stuck in the house for a year on our own; the Be Kind movement… Come on. You’re better than that, you really are. It’s really, really actually hurt me hard."

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