Seth Meyers Knocks Trump’s “Pathetic Amount Of Pandering” To Key Voters

Back on the campaign trail after his COVID-19 diagnosis, President Donald Trump is making the case for a range of various voter demographics – from suburban women to senior citizens – to re-elect him this November. But such appeals may be futile, Seth Meyers said on Monday night.

“No pathetic amount of pandering is going to magically turn Trump’s numbers around, mainly because we’re now heading into a third wave of the coronavirus which, scientists are saying, could be the worst yet.”

The Late Night with Seth Meyers host began his “A Closer Look” segment examining early poll results, which shows Trump trailing behind opponent Joe Biden. Meyers also mocked the “bizarre threats” Trump has been making at his rallies if he loses the presidential election – from leaving the country to no longer speaking to supporters.

“I don’t think I could’ve been more motivated to vote against Trump until I heard him say that if he loses, he’ll never speak to us again,” Meyers quipped.

Meyers said that Trump’s jokes to leave the country or any other claims is a way to make the president feel like he’s an “inevitable” and “immutable part of our lives.” But this idea is exactly why Trump’s hoping to sway as many voters as he can nearly two weeks before the election, the host added.

The comedian also criticized Trump for the way he’s been connecting with supporters, namely having large rallies where masks seem to be optional. From speaking to hundreds of tightly packed supporters to throwing MAGA merchandise directly into the crowd, Meyers said that the president and his allies are “actively trying to get people sick” as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take lives daily.

“We’re watching a deeply dangerous man supported by a deeply dangerous party unravel at the prospect of losing power,” he said. “They don’t care who they hurt or who gets sick in the processes but it’s in our power to stop him by voting and repudiating him in numbers.”

Watch the full segment from Monday’s episode below.

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