Seth Rogen's An American Pickle Features A Weird Cameo From Everyone's Favorite PS4 Exclusive

An American Pickle, the new Seth Rogen movie that debuted exclusively for HBO Max on August 6, has received mixed reviews that trend mildly positive. It’s a film about a man who gets preserved in a vat of pickles for 100 years and then has to connect with his great-grandson in modern-day Brooklyn, but that’s not the weirdest thing about it.

One viewer noticed something interesting in the background of the film, and noted it on Twitter. At a bar that the characters frequent, there’s a game playing on the TV, and it’s the same one each time. It’s unusual for a video game to be playing on a TV bar at the best of times, of course, but what makes it even weirder is that the game is PS4 launch title Knack.

Here’s the tweet from Michael Leri noting the cameo.

The game, which launched in 2013, has become a bit of a meme over time. The launch title received a 4/10 from GameSpot, and is often the butt of jokes, with players ironically calling it one of the true greats of the console.

So why is Knack, of all things, popping up in the background of An American Pickle? Unless first-time feature director Brandon Trost decides to explain, we might never know.

Knack was eventually followed up with a sequel, Knack 2. It was much better.

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