Seven Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Leanne Battersby fleeing Weatherfield's drugs gang

LEANNE is set for another chaotic week on Coronation Street as she tries to escape the Weatherfield drugs gang.

Here’s the lowdown on what will happen next week in Weatherfield.

1. Leanne's house is used for a drugs delivery

One of Harvey’s dealers, Ned, turns up at Leanne’s flat and to her horror, explains that he’s expecting a delivery and he’ll be using her flat to bag up the drugs.

When Simon lets himself in, Ned introduces himself whilst Leanne feels sick to the stomach.

When Leanne quizzes Ned about the drugs delivery, he becomes suspicious of her motives.

2. Leanne tries to flee the gang and catch out Harvey

When Harvey returns from a very important drugs job, he's seething and told Leanne that he was set up with the police.

But Leanne's dismay, Harvey figured out that someone snitched on him and tells Leanne that he knows it was her.

Backed into a corner, Leanne comes clean to Harvey and does not hesitate to make plans about moving away to protect herself and Simon, and tells Toyah about her plans.

3. Alina receives an unpleasant surprise

Tyrone spots an Immigration Enforcement van outside the salon flat.

He races over and Alina explains that they’re raiding the premises as someone reported her for tax evasion.

Tyrone then accuses Fiz of shopping Alina to Immigration, which severely hampers the chances of the pair being able to completely move on following Tyrone and Alina's kiss.

4. Fiz and Tyrone are over

Tyrone’s furious with Gemma meanwhile Fiz rounds on Tyrone, furious that he accused her of shopping Alina to the authorities.

Fiz looks Tyrone in the eye and demands to know how he feels, Tyrone admits he’s in love with Alina.

Tyrone then moved out of the Dobbs home and stayed with Kevin, who convinced him leaving Fiz was for the best.

A weary Fiz explains to her brother Chesney that it’s not just about Alina, but her and Tyrone’s relationship died a long time ago.

5. Carla refuses to put business first

Sarah suggests that with Nick back at the factory, she’s surplus to requirements.

Carla agrees and offers to put an end to her contract.

Peter spots Lucas getting into a taxi but Carla assures Peter she wants nothing to do with Lucas and is quitting the factory to concentrate on him.

6. Peter receives some alarming news

Accompanied by Daniel, Peter attends his hospital appointment.

When the consultant reveals that his liver hasn’t improved, he needs a transplant, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be eligible for one, Peter’s shocked.

Peter assures Daniel that he’s not giving up as he’s got Carla and Simon to think about.

Peter breaks the news to Carla that his last hope is a liver transplant, but nothing will stand in the way of their wedding.

7. Leanne says her goodbyes and she leaves Weatherfield with Simon

Nick calls at the flat to find Leanne and Simon about to leave.

Nick reveals that Toyah’s told him everything, he still loves her and together they can sort things out. But a tearful Leanne insists it’s too late.

A tearful Leanne confides in Toyah how she had to say a painful goodbye to Nick. In the factory, a miserable Nick fills Sarah and David in on why Leanne has to move away and so forces him to choose between her and Sam.

Simon finds Peter in Victoria Garden. Simon tells Peter he loves him and Peter’s deeply touched.

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