'Sex and the City': Was Miranda and Steve's Love Story The Most Realistic?

By the time that Sexand the City wrapped its sixth season, every one of the ladies washappily in a relationship. Charlotte York found her happy ending with HarryGoldenbatt, CarrieBradshaw found her way back to Mr. Big,  Samantha Jones reluctantly fell into a rhythm withSmith Jared, and Miranda Hobbs finally found “the one” in Steve Brady. Whileevery relationship had its ups and downs, it would appear as though Miranda andSteve’s relationship was the most realistic.

Opposites do attract

They say that opposites attract,and there are no two TV characters who were more opposite than Miranda andSteve. Ahigh-powered lawyer who didn’t believe in love fell for a charismatic bartender,who, while not on Miranda’s professional level, certainly brought something utterlyunique to the table.

Their differences did drive a wedge between them, more thanonce, but even that feels completely realistic. Most people have a relationshipthat they seem to run back to, time and time again, hoping to get it right. Steverand Miranda finally made it work, but they needed a couple of false starts toget there.

Their relationship problems felt relatable

Miranda and Steve’s relationship was not smooth sailing, butunlike the emotional push and pull of Carrieand Big’s relationship, Miranda and Steve’s issues felt relatable. Duringtheir first attempt at a relationship, Steve ended things because of theirincome disparities. As a bartender, Steve simply couldn’t keep up with Miranda.During their second shot at a relationship, Miranda just couldn’t reconcile hertype-A personality with Steve’s laidback nature.

The pair finally made it work, after having a child together.Sure, their relationship timeline wasn’t traditional, but it felt completelyorganic. Neither seemed to force the relationship to conform to societalstandards and, in the end, it all worked out.

They leave Manhattan for their son  

ThoughtCatalog argues that Miranda would have never left Manhattan for Brooklyn,but, when you look at it from another angle, the plotline makes perfect sense.Miranda was not prone to making decisions based on emotion alone. She was incrediblypragmatic and logical. Logically, Miranda realized that Brady was growing upand would need more space. Logically, Mirandaknew that buying a place in Manhattan that would accommodate Brady’s needs wasfinancially out of reach. No matter how much she loved Manhattan, Miranda lovedSteve and Brady more.  

The duo faced the same problem that thousands of parents whocall Manhattan home face. Once a child arrives, parents often start questioningwhether the pitfalls of life in Manhattan with a child outweigh the cultural benefits.Sure, when Miranda and Steve hopped the Brooklyn Bridge for more space, it wasn’ta hip decision, but interest in the Burrough has continued to grow. Steve andMiranda were not only a realistic couple, but apparently, they were trendsetters.

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