Show Yourself Frozen 2 lyrics: What are the lyrics – IN FULL

Frozen 2 is full of incredible songs, whether it’s Show Yourself or the new Let it Go of the movie: Into the Unknown. It comes at a truly important moment in the movie, as Elsa finally discovers who she really is. She discovers her purpose, with this song showing Elsa’s desperation for answers.

As Frozen 2 opens, one of King Agnarr’s [voiced by Alfred Molina] stories is being told to his daughters, though unbeknownst to hem, this comes from the truth of his own life.

Soon enough, with Elsa as Queen of Arendelle, things begin to creep back into her mind as a voice starts to call her from the north.

The truth on which Agnarr’s stories are based begin to become known as Elsa, her family and friends, embark on a journey to find out about the voice, and to save Arendelle.

In the song, Elsa becomes desperate to know who is calling her, believing this voice could have answers about who she really is, and why she is so different.

The voice turns out to be someone incredibly familiar, and the pair sing together in a beautiful moment of realisation for Elsa.

In the song, Elsa discovers how this voice speaks into her past, and her journey begins to have more meaning than before.

Here are the full lyrics to Show Yourself, one of the stand-out songs from Frozen 2.

Every inch of me is trembling
And not from the cold
Something is familiar
Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold

I can sense you there
Like a friend I’ve always known
I’m arriving
And it feels like I am home

I have always been a fortress
Cold secrets deep inside
You have secrets too
But you don’t have to hide


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Show yourself
I’m dying to meet you
Show yourself
It’s your turn
Are you the one I’ve been looking for all of my life
Show yourself
I’m ready to learn

I’ve never felt so certain
All my life I’ve been torn
But I’m here for a reason
Could it be the reason I was born
I’ve always been so different
Normal rules did not apply
Is this the day
Are you the way
I finally find out why


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Come to me now; open your door
Don’t make me wait one moment more
Come to me now; open your door
Don’t make me wait one moment more

(Where the north wind meets the sea)
(There’s a river full of memory)
Come, my darling, homeward bound
I am found

Show yourself
Step into your power
Throw yourself into something new
You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life
Show yourself

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