Simon Cowell is making his return to TV screens – as the face of Uber Eats

SIMON Cowell is returning to TV screens in adverts for fast food.

The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent supremo has signed up to be the face of Uber Eats after both his shows were shelved.

The 61-year-old is promoting the takeaway delivery outfit — a spin-off of the taxi company of the same name — in a deal likely to be worth seven figures.

But in a bid to avoid humiliation in the UK and US, the adverts will be geo-locked online and air only in Australia and New Zealand.

Simon, who broke his back in an accident on his e-bike last year, follows a host of major stars cashing in by appearing in commercials abroad, particularly in China, for huge pay-outs but without their primary fan base ever seeing them.

A source said: “This is a big deal for Simon, with a lot of money on the table, and he hasn’t really done much in the way of endorsements and advertising before.

“But it was too good an offer to turn down, even if it might surprise a lot of people that he has done it. And obviously promoting takeaways isn’t quite in keeping with his own new healthy lifestyle.

“He’s filming in the UK but is keen that the adverts aren’t seen at home, so has only agreed to it if they are aired abroad but not shown back here.”

Kim Kardashian, Sacha Baron Cohen, Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill have also appeared in Aussie ads for the company.

Other big names who have taken commercial cash from abroad include Leonardo Di Caprio, who has starred in several Chinese adverts despite being one of the world’s best paid actors.

He was paid £3.5million by a smartphone maker and became the face of an online used car marketplace.

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