Sister Wives' Kody Brown screams at 'antagonist' Christine as she demands wives take two cars on 'awkward' road trip

SISTER Wives star Kody Brown yelled at his wife Christine for demanding in a new promo that they take two cars on a road trip with his other wives.

The 52-year-old isn't happy with her and slams her for being “antagonistic."

In a promo for Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, Kody reveals he and his four wives are packing up the car and getting ready to drive all together from Arizona to Utah.

He wants everyone in one car for the travels, but Christine wants them to split up into two vehicles, using too much luggage as her reasoning.

She says in a confessional to the camera: “He said we had to pack light, and I don’t think he’s packed light.”

As Kody continues to load up the car with all of his stuff, Christine says to him: “Kody, we have Meri’s bag and Janelle’s bag still. It’s not gonna fit in the car. 

“Based on luggage, we’re taking two cars.”

Unhappy with the switch she’s trying to make, Kody anrily says in his confessional: “Stop! Stop trying to take two cars! Stop it now. I’m not even listening to that.

“Everybody wants their autonomy, ‘Uhh autonomy, autonomy. I don’t wanna sit by her all day.’ It’s just, gah.”

Christine amdonishes him, saying his packing is what’s causing all the trouble and all would be fine if he’d just brought less things.

Robyn stays quiet while Christine and Kody argue over the car situation, but she says to the camera: “I think that driving together could go either way. It could be really great and bonding, or it could be really stressful and it could be hard and dramatic and awkward.”

The trio soon head over to Meri’s house, to pick her up before getting Janelle, but the learn that they’re car has a flate tire as soon as they arrive.

Kody wants to quickly take it to a mechanic to get a new tire, but Christine uses this as an opportunity to once again demande they take two other cars because they don’t know how long the issue will take to be resolved.

He shuts down the idea for good, screaming: “No, we’re not taking two cars, Christine!”

He ends the preview clip by telling the camera that Christina is “just being antagonistic.” 

He adds: “She obviously doesn’t want to travel together. She obviously wants to take her own car."

Christine has been having trouble with Kody a lot lately.

Kody wanting all of his wives together in one car is just the latest to upset Christine, as she also isn't happy that he wants them all to live together, as well.

In a clip for the new season on TLC, Kody says they are "one family and need to be in one home."

"It's just too hard," she tells the camera of their marriage, as Kody admits he has "Meri mad and Christine mad."

She also shared that she still gets "super jealous" of the other wives, despite having been married to Kody for over 25 years.

Christine told the others: "I’m really sorry I still get jealous, I’m just saying, I still get super, super, super jealous and I’m really sorry.

"It makes getting together hard. Really, really hard. Maybe I don’t like me either."

Tensions have also run high with the TV personality's first wife, Meri, with he recently sharing: "We are in a place where we're just figuring out where we are and, you know, what is happening."

Her uneasiness comes from months of rumors that their marriage is on its last leg and they are headed for a "split."

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