Sixty Percent of Americans Say Staying At-Home During Pandemic Has Made Them Movie Buffs: Study

While the postponement of movie awards shows means the 2021 awards season won't arrive until spring, American movie fans might just be more prepared than ever this year.

Six in 10 Americans said staying at home more often during COVID has turned them into a "total film buff," according to new research.

Moreover, 55 percent said the awards season postponement will actually allow them to see more eligible films than they ever have before.

A new study of 2,000 Americans revealed 60 percent said they've watched more films in 2020 than any other year in their life.

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And a full three in 10 plan to break that record in 2021 by watching, on average, 196 films total.

The survey also revealed a burgeoning trend: "virtual movie nights," in which people watch a film with friends and family while video chatting.

The average respondent plans to host eight such events this winter.

Commissioned by the Popcorn Board and conducted by OnePoll, the survey also examined the key components of their ideal movie night.

When asked which components respondents felt were absolutely essential for the perfect movie night, chocolate (37 percent) and cozy blankets (46 percent) were key contenders.

The winner of the award for most popular movie night "must," however, was popcorn (51 percent).

Top genres Americans have found themselves gravitating toward more often since the start of the pandemic included comedy (40 percent), action (40 percent) and drama (31 percent).

Additionally, 63 percent of respondents said the pandemic has given them an excuse to watch the "classic" films they've always meant to see.

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