'sMothered' Season 2: TLC Viewers Call Show 'Sad' and 'Disturbing'

Are you close with your mom? Chances are you have nothing on the mother-daughter pairs from sMothered. The TLC show features outrageous moms and daughters whose boundary-pushing relationships could be called “too close for comfort.” Season 2 premieres May 24, and TLC fans are already voicing their less-than-favorable opinions about the cast, which includes a few returnees from season 1 as well as some new faces.

Meet the new moms and daughters of ‘sMothered’ Season 2 

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This season on sMothered, viewers will meet three new sets of joined-at-the-hip moms and daughters. 

Mary and Brittani are so close they shower together and take part in co-colonic therapy. Mom Mary can’t imagine her daughter leaving home, but her husband Frank thinks it’s time for Brittani to have a life of her own. 

Alena is a bright, music-loving 21-year-old with an enzyme deficiency. Her mom Marcia is there to tend to her every need. Marcia is so committed to making her daughter happy that after she says no to getting a dog, she decides to become a puppy, waking up Alena every morning by licking her face. 

For Laurie and Sarah, the mother-daughter roles have been reversed. Laurie’s health is declining, so Sarah handles the motherly duties. But Laurie still weighs in on her daughter’s love life and doesn’t hide her hopes that Sarah and her boyfriend will get married while she can still attend the wedding. 

There will also be some familiar faces

In addition, three season 1 moms and daughters are back for season 2. Angelica’s boyfriend Jason is finally divorcing his wife, and he’s ready to propose. But will her mom Sunhe get in the way of her happily ever after?

Meanwhile, Kathy and Cristina are getting even closer, with Cristina preparing to move her family into her mom’s basement while they renovate their home. But her husband Carol may not be on board with that plan. 

Finally, Dawn and Cher have added a third person to their relationship — Cher’s new daughter Belle Mae. Unsurprisingly, Dawn is involved with every step of her daughter’s pregnancy and birth plan, which causes some tension with her doctor husband Jared.

Critics say ‘sMothered’ is just too weird    

sMothered Season 1 was popular enough for TLC to bring the show back for another round of episodes. But judging from comments on Instagram, some people are pretty uncomfortable with the concept. 

“SICK SICK SICK,” one person commented on a post promoting season 2 on TLC’s official Instagram account. Others used words like “disturbing” and “sad.” The show “weirded me out,” another wrote.  

On another post, people argued that the relationships depicted weren’t healthy and said that the moms were doing their daughters a disservice by not letting them have their own independent lives. 

“Horrible parenting!” one wrote. “You are supposed to give your children wings to fly and be independent! This is too sick to watch!”

Viewers might raise their eyebrows, but the moms and daughters of sMothered don’t seem to care. In a clip from the upcoming season, Brittani defended her relationship with her mom, saying they had a “spiritual connection” and describing Mary as her “best friend.”  

sMothered Season 2 premieres Sunday, May 24 at 10/9 on TLC. 

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