Sonja Morgan isn't the only RHONY star getting work done — Check out Leah McSweeney's new nose

The Real Housewives of New York star, Leah McSweeney, confirmed that she’s had her nose done on Instagram.

The new fan favorite, who recently confirmed her return for RHONY’s next season, had a wild ride in her first season with the ladies. Her outspoken and wild party ways rubbed a few of the housewives, particularly Ramona Singer, the wrong way.

But her honesty was a trait that fans fell in love with, so it’s no surprise that she’s decided to keep it real about her plastic surgery.

Leah is honest with fans about her nose job

While sharing to her Instagram stories, the 38-year-old was honest when fans questioned the bruises under her eyes.

“I’m not trying to hide anything from anybody,” she says. “I got a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty and I could not be happier.”

While she admits that she’s wanted a nose job for quite some time, the health benefits are another bonus for Leah.

“Now I can also breathe, which is great,” she said. “And I love my doctor. He’s a great guy. He’s an amazing doctor.”

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Leah has since posted a few selfies with her new nose.

In one post, a follower asked, “Is this a pic after the nose job? Because it looks the same.”

Leah responded, “yes 3 weeks after. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be lol.”

In another Instagram selfie, a follower commented that they missed the star’s old nose but that they were happy that she’s able to breathe now.

Leah took the comment in stride, responding, “I  don’t miss it at all!”

Leah isn’t the only housewife who has had work done; Sonja Morgan came clean about her work too

Back in July, RHONY favorite, Sonja Morgan also confirmed that she had gone under the knife.

Sonja confirmed that, after wrapping season 12 of the Real Housewives of New York, she got some work done.

“There’s been speculation around my fresh new look,” she shared with a post to Instagram.

“I got a lower facelift and neck lift after wrapping season 12,” she explained. “I just wanted to be rid of the wrinkling on my neck and the jowels that were starting to form.”

She continued that people thought she was “nuts” but explained, “It was a no brainer – gravity had taken its toll, I was also exhausted and I needed a ‘pick me up’. I entrusted my face to the best and he hit it out of the park.”

She then shared the details, stating that the doctor used “a method called deep plane which goes under the muscle so your skin is still attached. Your blood flows and your face stays vibrant and heals fast.”

Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus. 

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