Spoilers: Chas betrays Paddy and kisses Al in Emmerdale

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) has found comfort in the arms of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) in Emmerdale.

Al has spent the week feeling a bit emotional, surprisingly.

When Chas threw a few harsh comments Al’s way, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) revealed he had just attended his adoptive father’s funeral, causing Chas’ guilt to increase.

Tonight, Chas was bothered by the fact Faith (Sally Dexter) was making light of her cancer while spending time with Sarah (Katie Hill) and Kyle (Huey Quinn).

After speaking with Al, Chas realised her mistakes and decided to apologise to her mum, especially with being too forceful when it comes to more chemotherapy.

As Chas walked away, Faith broke down in tears, causing her to rush back and hug her mum.

It really was an episode full of emotions for Chas as later, she unleashed her anger on Paddy (Dominic Brunt), who had put forward the idea of Faith possibly wanting to spend time in a hospice.

Up at The Hide, the dynamic between Chas and Al began to change as they opened up to each other, and it did really look like Al just wanted to be kind.

A shock, we know.

With a bottle of wine on the table, Al listened in as Chas shared stories about Faith but when she got up to leave, everything changed.

Checking she wasn’t being watched, Chas pulled Al into the corner and shared a passionate kiss.

As Chas uses Al to escape her problems, this storyline has just got a whole lot more complicated.

Will she have an affair with Al as Faith’s final days near ever closer?

And what about Paddy, how long will it be until he finds out of his wife’s betrayal?

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