Spoilers: Corrie star hints that Gary will die

Samia Longchambon reveals Maria is in for a killer shock

Viewers have been shouting at their screens, desperate for Maria Connor to come to her senses in Coronation Street and ditch her bad boy fiancee Gary Windass (Mikey North).

And, as the big wedding dawns, Samia Longchambon admits that it would destroy Maria to discover the depths of what Gary has done. 

The actress told Metro.co.uk: ‘I love working with Mikey. But I don’t know if they are a good match. In some ways they are as they are both single parents and get on well, but there’s a whole other side and people would say run as fast as you can.

‘She’d be furious and devatsted to find out she’s about to be married to a murderer, especially after her first husband, Liam, was murdered and she got engaged to his murderer! She’s not got a great track record. I hope she’d run a mile, but you never know with Maria.

‘She’d feel really betrayed by Sarah. They have this big secret together and would be devaststed.

‘Why Maria’s so unlucky in love is because she doens’t learn from her mistakes and is too trusting given all she’s been through. But I don’t know. It’s the million dollar question. I want to shake her. I often read the scripts and roll my eyes at her. But it’s always fun for me, slightly different to the last time.

‘I’d give her advice to stay away from men. Especially those who live on Corrie. There aren’t many Maria hasn’t been with. I warned Mikey about her black widow status. Everyone who works with Maria dies and leaves so Mikey best watch his step.’

But before any funerals come along, there’s the wedding to get through – and Samia admits that things were a lot different post lockdown. 

She explained: ‘This is Maria’s second wedding. That was a huge wedding in 2008. This wedding is a lot more subdued, in the Bistro, with not many people there. But she has a lovely dress, which I had an input into. I didn’t want anything too big and flashy as it is an intimate ceremony.

‘It’s white, simple, and summeray, Boho-chic, completely different to her first dress. It was comfy to wear. I spoke to our costume designer and said it shouldn’t be too extravagant. Then Alex narrowed choices down and I got fitted just before lockdown.

‘It’s been really different. I’ve never had to do my own Maria make-up. It’s a strange feeling sitting on your own when usually we are in make up and it’s bustling with music and people catching up. I’ve played music through my phone to keep me company. As for filming, I have got used to it.


She added: ‘I was looking forward to coming back because it’s the longest many of us have had off – it’s the longest I’ve had in 20 years – and it’s nice to come back to a storyine to do. I was interested to see how it has changed with socially distancing.

‘It’s unique filming a wedding under social distancing and not something I thought I’d be doing. Hopefully it’s filmed cleverly and looks like we aren’t social distanced. That was tricky making us look closer together. Putting the ring on is a clever camera angle. You see me with the ring, then they just did a cut away to someone else, and back to him putting it on.’

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