Stacey Solomon says her sons 'absolutely hated' her and couldn't wait to get back to school

STACEY Solomon has opened up about how her sons were desperate to get back to school as they "absolutely hated" being at home with her.

The mum-of-three admitted she was "happy the boys were going back to school" after spending almost an entire year learning from home.

Stacey, 31, told the Loose Women panel that her older sons Zach, 12, and Leighton, 8, were "desperate" to get back to learning.

It comes as children returned to school for the first time in months after lockdown closed classrooms across the country.

Stacey revealed: "I am happy the boys are going back to school – I really am happy for them because I feel like they desperately couldn't wait."

She joked that her brood, which also includes one-year-old Rex, "couldn't wait to get away" from her during the third national lockdown.

"There's been light and shade," the singer went on. "This last lockdown, they absolutely hated me and couldn't wait to get away."

Stacey went on to detail how she felt "sad" sending her boys back off to school after they'd "been home for so long".

"Even though they've been in and out of school for the last year, they've been more at home than they have at school," she said.

"They've been around for certain things that they wouldn't have been had they not had to stay at home.

"They got to see Rex take his first steps, teach him his first words – and just be around for all that stuff that even me of Joe may not have been around for if this hadn't occurred."

Stacey championed her older sons for helping her youngest Rex, who she shared with fiancee Joe Swash, "come on so well" as he grows.

"It's had nothing to do with us as parents," she gushed. "It's because he's had 24/7 stimulation with the two older boys being there."

The former X Factor contestant shared they were looking at nurseries for Rex as they worried he may "find it difficult" now his brothers are away from home.

It comes days after Joe opened up that he and his wife-to-be have not had a moment alone in over a YEAR.

The 39-year-old star said the loved-up pair have not been alone together because of living in lockdown with their brood of kids.

Joe is dad to Harry, 13, from a previous relationship and lives in his Essex with Stacey and their son Rex, and her sons Zachary and Leighton.

Speaking on Lockdown Parenting Hell podcast he said: "There's never not a kid in the house. It's got to be about a year ago, restrictions have f****d things up."

Meanwhile, Stacey quit social media after hitting back at a troll who told her she looked like a horse.

The TV star said she needed to take a few days off Instagram after reading the nasty message from one of her followers.

Stacey said she has decided to put her phone down so she can concentrate on spending time with her fiancé Joe Swash and her sons.

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